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This Command Staff article lists game managers and assistant game managers of each Sixth Fleet Role-Playing Game.

Officer Command Posting Fleet Staff Posting
Sixth Fleet Simulations
W-O6.png Scott Guymon R-O6.png Captain Tarem Ohneru
Commanding Officer - USS Bismarck
W-O5.png Brad Denman R-O5.png Lieutenant Norihiko Kawabata
Executive Officer - USS Bismarck
W-A1.png Brett Gann R-O6.png Captain Loren Ackerman
Commanding Officer - USS Pegasus
W-O6.png Dan Woodward R-O5.png Commander Turrel Kratz
Executive Officer - USS Pegasus
W-O6.png Russell Elsom R-O6.png Captain Grendon
Commanding Officer - USS Hyperion
W-A2.png David Patterson R-O5.png Commander Henry Everett
Executive Officer - USS Hyperion
W-A1.png Mark Hyacinth R-O6.png Captain Kenya Danvers
Commanding Officer - USS Ariadne
W-O5.png Mallory Jones R-O5.png Commander Rialla Blake
Executive Officer - USS Ariadne
W-A3.png Nathalie Chapman R-A1.png Commodore Paula Chapman Stark
Commanding Officer - USS Axanar
Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant
W-O5.png Josh Ward R-O5.png Commander Gordon
Executive Officer - USS Axanar
W-O6.png James Zeun R-O6.png Captain Tomas Jorin
Commanding Officer - USS Sirius
W-O5.png pending R-O5.png Commander Calandrah Paxton
Executive Officer - USS Sirius
Sixth Fleet Creative Writing Project
W-A1.png Graham Thomson R-O6.png Captain t'Miyaken Solo
Commanding Officer - USS Saturn
Assistant Chief of Fleet Operations
W-A2.png Moritz Kraft R-O4.png Lieutenant Commander Patricia Holmes
Executive Officer - USS Saturn
Chief of Fleet Operations
Other Positions
W-A4.png Kreg Asay Memory Zeta Administrator