David Giovagnoli

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Lieutenant Commander David Giovagnoli
Academy Graduation
Command School
Birthdate November 23 1988
Location Kirksville, Missouri, USA
Contact david.giovagnoli (at) sixth-fleet (dot) com
Status Active Player

Lieutenant Commander David Giovagnoli plays Michael Lancaster on the USS Lancelot. He is an experienced simmer, with ten years of experience in various venues, as a player, game master, and fleet / task force officer.

Service Record

David joined Sixth Fleet in 2011, playing Michael Lancaster on the Lancelot. He became Second Officer in 2012, as well as Deputy Chief of Personnel Administration. Later in the same year, he was appointed Chief of Fleet Communications.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2013-Present T-O4.png Chief of Creative Resources Department of Creative Resources
2012 Y-O4.png Chief of Fleet Communications Executive Staff
2012-Present T-O4.png Canon Committee member Department of Creative Resources
2012-Present R-O4.png Deputy Chief of Personnel Administration Department of Personnel Administration
2012-Present W-O4.png Senator Fleet Command Senate
2011-Present W-O4.png Player USS Lancelot, Starbase Sierra Six


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2011-Present Y-O4.png Michael Lancaster Chief Operations Officer & Second Officer USS Lancelot Active PC
2012-Present T-O4.png Alenis Anjar Chief Medical Officer Starbase Sierra Six Active PC
2012-Present T-O2.png Jacob Sheppard Head Nurse USS Lancelot Owned NPC