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The Department of Creative Resources (DCR) is an executive department of the Sixth Fleet tasked with incorporating Fleet Canon (including Simulation events) into known Star Trek canon. It assists simulation command staffs in matters relating to fleet and Star Trek canon.

The DCR exists so that the Fleet Command Senate does not become distracted deciding minute canonical details on a case-by-case basis. As with every other element of fleet business, the decisions of the DCR may be overturned or amended by a majority vote of the Fleet Command Senate.


The Department of Creative Resources is lead by the Sixth Fleet Chief of Creative Resources (CCR).

Current: Lieutenant Commander David Giovagnoli


Fleet Canon

Along with known Star Trek Canon elements (i.e. all TV series and movies), Sixth Fleet also follows Fleet Canon, which encompass specific elements and events such as an official timeline, approved vessel classes, and technology, and other issues.

Items approved as Fleet Canon will be announced to the fleet via the FNN, Fleet Command Senate mailing list, and listed in Memory Zeta.

If you would like to submit something for consideration as Fleet Canon, please contact the CCR.