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Ensign Dominic Gray joined Sixth Fleet in July 2012, he has been meddling and griping about the details ever since.

Ensign Dominic Gray
Academy Graduation July 2012
Birthdate September 01
Location Scotland
Contact dominiccgray (at) gmail (dot) com
Yahoo Messenger dominiccgray
Hotmail Messenger dominiccgray (at) live (dot) co (dot) uk
Status Active Player

Career Summary

Characters and Positions

Active Characters
T-E3.png Andrew Ashford Corpsman USS Lancelot (NCC-74410) Oct 2012 - Present
Andrew Ashford was moved to another sim and the bio re-worked to fit the character in.
T-O1.png Andrew Ashford Counsellor/Medic USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A) Jul 2012 - Oct 2012



Academy Award.jpg
Medical Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgCounselling Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgScience Expansion Course Ribbon.jpgMarines Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg

Sixth Fleet Academy Commendation - 2388, 07, 16
Medical Expansion Course Ribbon - 2388, 08, 21
Counseling Expansion Course Ribbon - 2388, 09, 09
Science Expansion Course Ribbon - 2388, 10, 07
Marines Expansion Course Ribbon - 2388, 10, 18