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| [[Reece Savage]] - [[Chief of Personnel Administration]]
| [[Reece Savage]] - [[Chief of Personnel Administration]]
|align="center" | [[Image:W-A2.png]][[Image:W-A2-2.png]]
|align="center" | [[Image:W-A1.png]][[Image:W-A1-2.png]]
| [[Nigel Gillson]] - [[Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant]]
| [[Nigel Gillson]] - [[Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant]]

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The Fleet Executive Staff, Executive Staff, Command Staff, or Senior Staff, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the fleet.


The Sixth Fleet Constitution specifies that the executive staff consists of the Commander-in-Chief, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, and the chiefs of the fleet's executive departments. Currently, the fleet's executive departments include the Department of Fleet Operations, Department of Fleet Communications, Department of Creative Resources, Department of Simulation Support, Department of Personnel Administration, and Sixth Fleet Academy. The fleet constitution and policies establishes no order of precedence among the six executive departments.

Current Executive Staff

Fleet Command
W-A5.pngW-A5-2.png Brett Gann - Commander-in-Chief
W-A4.pngW-A4-2.png Reece Savage - Deputy Commander-in-Chief
Fleet Operations
W-A1.pngW-A1-2.png Moritz Kraft - Chief of Fleet Operations
Fleet Communications
W-Blank.pngW-blank-2.png Vacant - Chief of Fleet Communications
Fleet Resources
W-O4.pngW-blank-2.png David Giovagnoli - Chief of Creative Resources
W-O6.pngW-blank-2.png Brad Harris - Chief of Simulation Support
Fleet Personnel
W-A4.pngW-A4-2.png Reece Savage - Chief of Personnel Administration
W-A1.pngW-A1-2.png Nigel Gillson - Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant