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The Fleet Staff, Executive Staff, or Senior Staff, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the fleet.


The Sixth Fleet Senior Staff are all volunteer positions that are responsible for various aspects of fleet operations.

Currently the fleet's executive departments include the Department of Fleet Operations, Department of Fleet Communications, Department of Fleet Resources and Sixth Fleet Academy.

Current Fleet Staff

Fleet Operations
W-A2.pngW-A2-2.png Moritz Kraft - Chief of Fleet Operations
W-A1.pngW-A1-2.png Graham Thomson - Assistant Chief of Fleet Operations
Fleet Communications
W-A1.pngW-A1-2.png Brett Gann - Chief of Fleet Communications and Federation News Network Editor
Fleet Resources
W-A4.pngW-A4-2.png Kreg Asay - Memory Zeta Administrator
Fleet Personnel
W-A3.pngW-A3-2.png Brad Denman - Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant