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The Command Staff or Senior Staff is a grouping of fleet senior officers who are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the fleet. The Commander-in-Chief and Deputy Commander-in-Chief (listed in order of authority) lead the Senior Staff. The Senior Staff officers (with the exception of the Commander-in-Chief and Deputy Commander-in-Chief) are chosen by the Commander-in-Chief, and serve at his or her discretion. Senior Staff members who are not part of the Sixth Fleet Senate by command posting serve as Senators By Mandate, however Senior Staff members are predominately already Senators in their own right.

Current Senior Staff

Fleet Command

W-A5.pngW-A5-2.png Fleet Admiral Brett Gann - Sixth Fleet Commander-in-Chief
W-A4.pngW-A4-2.png Admiral James Slattery - Sixth Fleet Deputy Commander-in-Chief

Fleet Operations

W-O6.pngW-blank-2.png Captain Moritz Kraft - Sixth Fleet Chief of Fleet Operations
W-A4.pngW-A4-2.png Admiral Kreg Asay - Sixth Fleet Chief of Creative Resources
W-O6.pngW-blank-2.png Captain Brett Gann - Sixth Fleet Chief of Fleet Communications

Fleet Personnel

W-A1.pngW-A1-2.png Commodore Rick van der Velden - Sixth Fleet Chief of Personnel Administration
W-A1.pngW-A1-2.png Commodore Matt Antrobus - Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant

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