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Full Name Lori Saunders
Current Sims
USS Hyperion (Since Oct 27th, 2013)

Lori is a Sixth Fleet Player. During her time aboard the Sixth Fleet she has served aboard the USS Hyperion (NX-7438)


Blue eyed, blonde haired, Lori White Sanders was born on a small island, seven miles long and five miles wide and known for its wild ponies that roam freely along its beachy shore sides. Here on Chincoteague and Assateague Islands in Virginia, she spent the first eleven years of her life as the daughter of an electronics engineer. It was here that her father, an assistant station director on Wallops Island spent his life’s work putting up satellites into space for NASA/NOAA.
A lovely childhood was spent on the eastern shores, riding horses and enjoying the kind of small community where everyone knew everyone else’s business.
At the age of eleven, her father was promoted to Station Director and off he whisked the family to Fairbanks, Alaska where he worked in support of well-known projects such as the Hubble Telescope and the GOES Project. It is of no surprise that her head is in the skies to this day, and that she sports a keen interest in everything science fiction and Star Trek genre. J Life in Alaska was an amazing place to finish her rearing years, growing up skiing, riding snow machines, three wheelers, and watching the aurora borealis blaze in the backgrounds of the heavens. There, Lori attended the University of Fairbanks for a couple of years, then fell for a man in uniform, and there after spent eight years following him around in the army as a military wife. After being based in the Washington, D.C area, she divorced, and went back to school but of a different type. She graduated the G.E Institute of Lighting and spent several years thereafter as a Lighting Designer.
After her father’s death, Lori’s mother retired to the lovely resort area of Williamsburg VA, where Lori ultimately gave up her career and moved to take care of mother while passing of cancer. There, she remarried, and was given the best gift in life of her son, Nicholas. During this sojourn, she became a stay at home mother while she nursed her mother for the next four years, of which at the end, not only did she lose the mother, but husband as well as the marriage failed to make it through the trials of caring for a cancer patient in the final stages.
Alone, as a single mother with a small son with a freshly turned upside down world, Lori was forced to reinvent herself, and is now living alone in a small house with a now twelve year old son, and working as a Goodyear Representative in Williamsburg, Va. All through these years, one constant reigned supreme, and that was her love of writing. As an emotional outlet, Lori can often be found writing on RPGs that involve the collaborative writing of large groups of people as they put their own creative talents into one huge online melting pot of storytelling. Star Trek based genre is her personal favorite, though she has been known to dabble in both Stargate and Vampire based RPGs as well.
It is her fondest wish and dream to one day write a true book and to become a successfully published writer. Other hobbies include Scuba Diving, Book Reading, and anything to do with water. And yes, that does mean fishing! A summer never passes that doesn’t find her at the beach at least every couple of weekends to just laze about in the sun, coaxing a bit of color into her natural blonde complexion.

Contact Information

  • Email: russell.elsom@btinternet.com

Current Player Characters

Y-O1.png Ensign Sherta Rakel Assistant Chief Operation Officer USS Hyperion (NX-7438)

Commendations & Ribbons