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Starbase Tango was an Ournal-class starbase and the home of Tango Fleet Academy. Originally created in June 1999 by Kreg Asay as a place for Tango Fleet sims to have joint shoreleaves. After nearly 6 months with only 2 joint-shoreleaves it was becoming obvious that the original concept would not be realized.

In mid-2000 the SBT sim was revised and merged with Tango Fleet Academy as an in-game setting for training new players. The new concept succeeded well and SBT/TFA continued until January 2004 when the Tango Fleet Command Council decided to close Starbase Tango as Tango Fleet Academy.


Eta Tauri (Alcyone), Pleiades Cluster.


1999-2001 - Kreg Asay
2001-2002 - John Warner
2002-2002 - Jim Kitts
2003-2003 - Kreg Asay


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