USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A)

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Class Nebula-class
Registry NCC-74986-A
Status Destroyed
Special Commendations

This page is for the most recent Nebula-class incarnation of the USS Cambrian sim, decommissioned as of late 2388 (2012). For information on the older Akira-class vessel, see: USS Cambrian (NCC-74986). A more extensive history of the simulation can be found on the USS Cambrian History page.

Launched in 2384 after the destruction of the previous Cambrian, the USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A) is a Nebula-class starship that operates out of Sigma Librae in the Hurucan Sector. Currently under the command of Captain Sarah Hawkins, the Cambrian is deployed primarily as a patrol ship and explorer, surveying the unexplored systems in the region. To that end, the USS Cambrian is home to elements of the 184th Tactical Fighter Group, as well as a small unit of Starfleet Marines.


Launched from Utopia Planetia in 2384, the Nebula-class was originally intended for a unique designation, but was reclassified as the NCC-74986-A after a special order from Commodore Sturak was approved by Starfleet Operations. The ship was dispatched immediately to the Klingon border with a skeleton crew, where it collected a number of survivors from the crew of the original USS Cambrian. Captain Mek'tor, late of the USS Saturn, assumed command with Commander Katerina Voronkova - the Officer who had supervised the final stages of the ship's construction and its transit to K-7 - as his Executive Officer.

The newly christened Cambrian-A immediately underwent a shakedown cruise to stress-test its various systems. Unfortunately, the vessel was infiltrated by Tribbles over the course of the cruise, leading to a string of unexplained technical malfunctions that weren't resolved until the entire infestation could be successfully purged. Eventually however the cruise was branded a success, and the Cambrian was launched into active duty.

Assigned briefly as a relief vessel in Outpost K-7's counter-piracy patrols, the Cambrian was deployed towards the Briar Patch, where it was scheduled to rendezvous with the USS Orion. Unfortunately, the Orion had been ambushed by pirates en route, suffered heavy damage and several casualties, and was in need of urgent assistance. Commander Voronkova assumed command and led the ship to safety, while the Cambrian pursued the pirates responsible; as a result one of the major organizations in the region was routed. With the XO temporarily in command of the Orion, the Strategic Operations Officer for the Sector - Colonel Tristan Viego - was released to serve as First Officer in an acting capacity.

Over the course of their investigations and counter-piracy efforts in the Sector, Lieutenant Patricia Holmes uncovered evidence of illegal slavery on a nearby planet. She went undercover on behalf of Starfleet Intelligence, and was part of an operation to bring down the network.

With piracy greatly reduced in the area - due in part to the Cambrian's efforts - the vessel was issued a border patrol assignment, operating out of Starbase 326 along the Federation's coreward border. While en route to their new base of operations, the crew came upon an alien artifact that infected the crew with a virulent disease. Fortunately, with the help of their Romulan passenger Ethara t'Rel, the crew was able to identify the technology responsible, eventually discovering the virus to be holographic in nature.

Shortly after reaching the Starbase, the Cambrian was deployed as part of a relief effort. The USS Oberon had been conducting deep space exploration in the Hurucan Sector, surveying the Sigma Librae system as a potential location for a forward Logistics Depot to facilitate further operations in the region. However, the Oberon succumbed to sabotage over the course of her mission, stranding parts of her crew on the icy surface of Sigma Librae II. A successful rescue was conducted by the USS Valkyrie; Starfleet decided to expand on the crude colony that the Oberon crew had established and develop it into their new Outpost. The Cambrian was deployed with additional relief supplies for the Oberon, and the equipment and personnel necessary to begin the initial stages of Outpost construction.

Task Force

Following her permenant assignment to the Hurucan Sector (based at the Sigma Librae Logistics Depot), the Cambrian was placed in command of a small task force of vessels to patrol the space surrounding Sigma Librae and to provide military support to the exploration vessels in the area, as well as conducting exploration missions of her own. The Task Force consisted of a the (Defiant-class) USS Aurora, the (Nova-class) USS Horizon, and the (Miranda-class) USS Rising Star.


Late in 2388, the Cambrian was stolen and boarded by Terran Empire forces. The ship was pulled through an interphase rift to the Mirror Universe. The vessel was heavily damaged and the rift needed to be closed. Only a significant explosion in the center of the rift would do. Due to these factors, the USS Cambrian self-destructed within the rift, closing it from any further Terran Empire incursion.

Crew Manifest

  • Grey Background (#B2B2B2) Indicates NPC
Rank Position Name Type
R-O6.png Commanding Officer Sarah Hawkins
Played by Padraick Dornbush
R-O4.png Executive Officer T'vor
Played by Seth Waite
R-O2.png Flight Control Officer Gran Velas
Played by Russell Elsom
Y-O3.png Chief Operations Officer Anna Heinz
Played by Silent Hunter
Y-O1.png Operations Officer Donovan Koi
Played by
Y-O3.png Chief Engineering Officer Erich Leitner
Played by Daniel Peterson
Y-O2.png Assistant Chief Engineer Lynette Ryan
Played by Phillip Wright
Y-O1.png Engineer Warren Hayes
Played by Sean Cummings
Y-O2.png Chief Security Officer Angela Nolan
Played by Moritz Kraft
Y-O1.png Security Officer Alexander McCoy
Played by Steve Lofton
T-O2.png Chief Medical Officer Tomasi Havili
Played by Piotr Mierzejewski
T-O1.png Medical Officer VACANT
Played by name
T-O4.png Chief Science Officer Hannah Conant
played by Sam Jones
T-O3.png Assistant Chief Science Officer Grendon
Played by Russell Elsom
G-blank.png Platoon Sergeant VACANT
Played by name
W-blank.png Bartender Ren Tahra
Played by Seth Waite

Honour Roll

Members of the Hall of Fame have a shuttlecraft aboard the Cambrian named after them (surname). Type 8 Shuttlecraft are named for former Captains, while Shuttlepods are named for former Players.

Former Players:

Command Linage

Period Commanding Officer Executive Officer
undetermined Haakon Vinje
undetermined R-O6.png Steven Marriott R-O5.png Carter Schimpff
undetermined R-O6.png Carter Schimpff
September 2007 - April 2008 R-O6.png David Jannello None
April 2008 - July 2008 R-O6.png Sam Jones R-O5.png Jason Atkins
July 2008 - April 2009 R-O6.png Sam Jones R-O5.png Kevin O'Toole
April 2009 - January 2011 R-O6.png Sam Jones R-O5.png Padraick Dornbush
January 2011 - Undetermined R-O6.png Padraick Dornbush R-O5.png Marni Stein-Goldberg
Undetermined - February 2012 R-O6.png Padraick Dornbush R-O5.png Seth Waite

Mission Reports