USS Oberon (NCC-80111)

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Class Luna-class
Registry NCC-80111
Status Active (NPC)
Special Commendations

Located at the edge of the Beta quadrant, the Oberon is tasked with exploring reaches unknown still to Starfleet. Currently commanded by Captain Jared Hex he has recently been assigned to explore the Hurucan Sector, the Oberon is based out of the newly constructed Sigma Librae Outpost, and along with the USS Cambrian she is spearheading Starfleets push into this uncharted region.


See: USS Oberon History

Last Known Crew Manifest

  • Grey Background (#B2B2B2) Indicates NPC
Rank Position Name Type
R-O6.png Commanding Officer Jared Hex
Played by Mark Hyacinth
R-O4.png Executive Officer Evan Baker
Played by Mallory Jones
R-E6.png Captains Yeoman Amanda Harris
G-O4.png Second Officer
Strategic Security Commander
Caleb Cameron
Played by James Slattery
R-O1.png Chief Conn Officer John van Wilder
Played by Arjan Vuik
Y-O1.png Operations Officer Jason Stimms
Played by Graham Pallett
Y-O3.png Chief Engineering Officer Grogor M’mroy
Played by Ross Burns
Y-O1.png Engineering Officer Mik H'Doorn
Played by Mathijn
Y-E5.png Engineering Technician Nar'kh
Played by Steve Tranter
G-O4.png Strategic Security Commander
Second Officer
Caleb Cameron
Played by James Slattery
R-O3.png Intelligence Analyst Alexis Hilsenteger
G-O3.png Marine Platoon Commander Nadia Martínez
T-O4.png Chief Medical Officer Dr. Calendra Tempest
Played by Nathalie Chapman
T-O1.png Head Counselor Kar th’Azenek
Played by Forest Pavel
T-O4.png Chief Science Officer Nicholas Davies
Played by Sam Jones
T-O3.png Science Team Leader Lern Zericht
T-C3.png Science Cadet Steven Ells
Mess Chef Parton Pett NPC
Shuttle Samantha - AI Sam NPC

Auxiliary Vessels

The Proton Housed within the main shuttle bay, the Proton serves as the Captain's Skiff aboard the Oberon.

The Samantha Personal Shuttle owned by S'anra Sarine. The Samantha is a civilain variant of Starfleets Type-9 Medium/Long range shuttle. The onboard AI computer 'Sam' proving to be an interesting addition ot the Oberon.

Species Encountered

Honour Roll

Command Linage

Period Commanding Officer Executive Officer
Launch - Apr 23 2008 R-O6.png Anthony Wittrock
Apr 23 2008 - December 12, 2010 R-O6.png Daniel Clarkson
December 12, 2010 - Current R-A1.png Mark Hyacinth

Mission Reports

Mission 1
Having been sent out on its first assignment, the Oberon heads for the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant where it is attacked by militant Romulan warbirds. With battle unfolding the Luna-class vessel is pulled into a wormhole, their whereabouts unknown.

Mission 2 - One Man's Hero
The Oberon is sent to make first contact with the Fadt, a species that was believed to be a long way from achieving warp. However, in the past two years they have made a drastic leap in technology; the Oberon is sent to find out how.

Mission 3 - Sigma Librae
The Oberon is finally given orders to begin the mission it was built for. Dispatched to the Hurucan Sector to begin a survey of the nearside systems for useful materials, specifically Dilithium that can be used in assiting Starfleet to expand operations in the region.

Mission 4 - New Frontier
Stranded after the saboteur Shrall forced them to eject their warp core, the crew of the Oberon wait for the USS Cambrian to bring them a new warp core. The two crews then set about constructing the beginnings of Sigma Librae Outpost and make new discoveries in this frontier.

Mission 5 - A Giant's Grasp
With the ship repaired the Oberon is finally able to resume its mission of exploration. Departing Sigma Librae they set out to survey the Penacus system where they hope to make some scientific discoveries amongst its varied planetary bodies, only to find themselves adrift without power.

Mission 6 - Pirates
Whilst examining a Nebula, the Oberon is lured into the cloud by a distress signal. However, it turns out to be faked and they soon find themselves boarded by a band of merciless Pirates.

Promotions & Commendations

Mission 2 - One Man's Hero - 22/09/08

  • Promotion to Lt.Cdr, Steve Tranter (OOC)
  • Promotion to Lt.jg, Haakon Brandhagen
    • Appointed to Acting CMO
  • Medal of Honour, Lt.jg David Warrington
    • Appointed to Chief Engineer
  • Act of Disctinction, Ens S'anra Sarine

Mission 3 - Sigma Librae - 10/02/09

  • Captain's Star, Lt.Cdr Soral
    • Promotion to Cdr
  • Medal of Honor, Lt.Cdr Nicholas Davies
  • Legion of Honor, Major Atven Dantarno / Major Luka Kane
  • Citation of Valor, Lt.jg David Warrington
    • Promotion to Lieutenant
  • Act of Disctinction, Ens John van Wilder
  • Promotion to Full Chief Medical Officer, Haakon Brandhagen

Mission 4 - New Frontiers (Joint Mission) - 14/07/09

  • Companion of Honour, Major Caleb Cameron
  • Commendation for Brave Conduct, CPO Masuda Kari
  • Cross of Distinction, LtCdr Nicholas Davies
  • Conspicuous Merit Cross, Cdr Soral
  • Joint Service Achievement Medal, Cpt Laura Simms, Cdr Soral, Mjr Luka Kane, Mjr Caleb Cameron, Ens John van Wilder, Lt David Warrington, Ens S'anra Sarine, Ens Penelope Merryman, LtCdr Nicholas Davies, CPO Masuda Kari, Ens Jason Stimms, Ens Mik H'Doorn.

Mission 5 - A Giant's Grasp - 11/10/09

  • Medal of Honour & Long Service Medal (1 Year), Major Caleb Cameron
  • Order of the Northern Star, Ensign Penelope Merryman
  • Honour of Excellence & Long Service Medal (1 Year), LtCdr Nicholas Davies
  • Commendation for Brave Conduct, Ensign John van Wilder
  • General Service Medal & Long Service Medal (3 year), Dan Clarkson
  • Medal of Honour & Command School Ribbon, Commander Soral


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