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[[image:T-A2.png]] Director of the Starfleet Bureau of Information<br>
[[image:T-A2.png]] Director of the Starfleet Bureau of Information<br>
The Starfleet Bureau of Information is responsible for publishing information about cultural, geographical, political, and other information concerning Federation member worlds, foreign worlds, and other environs where Starfleet personnel might find themselves working in or visiting.
The Starfleet Bureau of Information is responsible for publishing information about cultural, geographical, political, and other information concerning Federation member worlds, foreign worlds, and other environs where Starfleet personnel might find themselves working in or visiting.
=====Specific Scientific Areas=====
[[image:T-A3.png]][[image:T-A2.png]] Chief of Starfleet [Scientific Discipline]<br>
====Starfleet Engineering====
====Starfleet Engineering====
[[image:Y-A4.png]] Chief of Starfleet Engineering<br>
[[image:Y-A4.png]] Chief of Starfleet Engineering<br>

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Starfleet is the Federation's exploratory, humanitarian, and defensive arm, with tens of thousands of ships, planetary installations, and space stations spread across and outside Federation Space.

Starfleet Command

R-A5.png Fleet Admiral Alynna Nechayev of Earth
, Starfleet Commander-in-Chief (Commander, Starfleet) Starfleet Command is the office of the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief (sometimes shortened to Commander, Starfleet), who is the highest-ranking officer in Starfleet, responsible for the overall command of all of Starfleet's branches and fleets. S/he reports directly to the President of the United Federation of Planets. The ultimate authority for all decisions relating to the operation of the fleet rests with this department, and thus it has an extensive administrative staff to process reports from the myriad number of vessels, bases, and other units under its jurisdiction.

Starfleet Operations

R-A5.png Fleet Admiral Sitak of Vulcan, Chief of Starfleet Operations
Starfleet Operations is the department of the fleet responsible for the coordination of fleet assets, and the Chief of Starfleet Operations is the direct operational commander for Starfleet's fleets, having oversight over the twelve fleet commanders, the Starfleet Auxiliary, and the Starfleet Reserves. S/he is responsible for the allocation of ships between fleets and the other components, fleets' mission and operational assignments, and other oversight functions. Starfleet Operations is located in San Francisco, California on Earth, and takes up the majority of Starfleet Headquarters.


R-A4.png Commander, <Number> Fleet
Numbered Fleets are the largest divisions of Starfleet, composed of approximately 500 ships, spread across dozens of sectors. Rarely is a fleet ever an operational formation, but rather it is an administrative division. Fleet Commanders oversee the myriad of sector commanders, and are based out of the starbases whose numbers correspond to their fleets. Occasionally, they travel on their personal flagships, but this is discouraged. Currently, there are 20 numbered fleets.

Sector Group

R-A3.pngR-A2.pngR-A1.png Commander, <Number> Sector
Sector Groups are composed of the ships and starbases operating in any given sector; they are subordinated to fleets. Sector Commanders have authority over the stations and vessels in their area of space, and report to the Fleet Commanders. Typically, several sectors in a contiguous area will be assigned to the same fleet, though this is not always the case. For example, Sixth Fleet encompasses exploratory commands, and several border sectors along Romulan and Cardassian space. The First Fleet, conversely, is assigned completely to the Federation's core sectors.

Task Group

R-A2.pngR-A1.pngR-O6.png Commander, Task Group <Number>
Task Groups are relatively small formations of ships, encompassing from around a dozen ships for a specific exploratory or tactical missions to several dozen ships with more permanent assignments. They report to the sector commander where their task force is based. Commodores and Rear Admirals command smaller groups, and typically do so from a starship, while Vice Admirals command larger groups and typically remain on starbases.

Starfleet Auxiliary

R-A4.png Admiral Grenek of Tellar, Commander, Starfleet Auxiliary
Starfleet Auxiliary includes transports, tankers, certain medical vessels, spacelane patrol vessels, and certain other vessels with specific, non-exploratory and non-tactical missions. It is a very large component of Starfleet, supplying all necessary logistical support to Starfleet's mainline assets. These vessels have a small number of Starfleet Officers aboard them, but are primarily crewed by Starfleet Auxiliary and Federation Merchant Marine personnel.

Starfleet Reserve

R-A4.png Commander, Starfleet Reserves
The Starfleet Reserve is made up of both Starfleet Reservists, who are trained to enter the fleet should the need to expand quickly arise, as well as deactivated and stored fleet assets that are capable of being reactivated on short notice. The Commander of the Starfleet Reserves is responsible for the recruitment and training of reservists, along with the disposition of fleet assets such as starships and starbases that have been placed in reserve. This officer coordinates with the Chief of Starfleet Logistics to manage transfers between the various supply depots and the active fleet.

Starfleet Joint Staff

R-A5.pngFleet Admiral Tholas th'Valrass of Andoria, Starfleet Chief of Staff
The Joint Staff encompasses the rest of Starfleet's departments, ranging from Starfleet Science to Starfleet Tactical. Decisions made by these branches are carried out by assets in Starfleet Operations, though certain branches do have their own starships at their disposal. The Starfleet Chief of Staff is responsible for the oversight of Starfleet's branches, in the same way that the Chief of Starfleet Operations is responsible for its fleets. S/he coordinates the competing needs of the various departments with the Chief of Starfleet Operations, oversees the branch chiefs, and serves as the voice of the various branches to the Department of Defense.

Starfleet Science

T-A4.png Chief of Starfleet Science
The Chief of Starfleet Science is one of the most influential members of the admiralty, with authority over all of Starfleet's scientific endeavors.

Starfleet Cartography and Navigation

T-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Cartography and Navigation
The Chief of Starfleet Cartography has oversight over Starfleet Cartography and Navigation, the department responsible for the continual update and distribution of maps to the various starships and starbases in the fleet, as well as recommendations on the most efficient courses, the topography of subspace, and interstellar 'weather' that may effect vessels and stations.

Starfleet Archival Services

T-A2.png Chief of Starfleet Archival Services

Starfleet Bureau of Information

T-A2.png Director of the Starfleet Bureau of Information
The Starfleet Bureau of Information is responsible for publishing information about cultural, geographical, political, and other information concerning Federation member worlds, foreign worlds, and other environs where Starfleet personnel might find themselves working in or visiting.

Specific Scientific Areas

T-A3.pngT-A2.png Chief of Starfleet [Scientific Discipline]

Starfleet Engineering

Y-A4.png Chief of Starfleet Engineering

Starfleet Shipyard Operations

Y-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Shipyard Operations

Starfleet Research and Development

Y-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Research and Development

Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Y-A2.png Head of the Advanced Starship Design Bureau

Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Y-A3.png Commander, Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Starfleet Logistics

R-A4.png Chief of Starfleet Logistics

Starfleet Communications

Y-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Communications

Starfleet Personnel Administration

R-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Personnel Administration

Starfleet Training Command

R-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Training Command

Starfleet Academy (Earth Campus)

R-A2.png Commandant, Starfleet Academy (Earth Campus)

Starfleet Academy (Subsidiary Campus)

R-A1.png Commandant, Starfleet Academy (Subsidiary Campus)

Starfleet Enlisted Training Program

R-A2.png Director, Starfleet Enlisted Training Program

Starfleet Command School

R-A2.png Director, Starfleet Command School

Starfleet Material Supply Command

Y-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Material Supply Command

Starfleet Intelligence

[[image:R-A4.png] Chief of Starfleet Intelligence]

Starfleet Internal Affairs

R-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Internal Affairs

Starfleet Medical

T-A4.png Chief of Starfleet Medical

Starfleet Medical Academy

T-A2.png Commandant, Starfleet Medical Academy

Starfleet Surgeon General's Office

T-A3.png Starfleet Surgeon General

Starfleet Security

Y-A4.png Chief of Starfleet Security

Starfleet Colonial Defense

Y-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Colonial Defense
Colonial Defense is the branch of Starfleet responsible for the deployment of security officers and enlisted personnel to colonies and other vulnerable areas that lack a local defense force. This branch is relatively large, though it is subservient to Starfleet Security. Those assigned to this branch operate outside the fleet structure, though they coordinate with the local Sector commanders in their defensive missions. Most heavily-populated worlds have their own defense forces, in addition to heavy space defenses, and do not see the members of this branch with any regularity.

Starfleet Correctional Services

Y-A2.png Chief of Starfleet Correctional Services

Starfleet Special Forces

B-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Special Forces
The Starfleet Special Forces are a small branch of the fleet, comprised of officers from across Starfleet's various fields, who have received additional training in stealth operations, counter-insurgency, and advanced combat tactics. Units of this branch have wide discretion with the manner in which they accomplish mission objectives, and their own structure. Several Special Forces units have been formed from the élite military units of various military worlds, including the United Earth Marines, the Vulcan Special Forces, the Andorian Imperial Guard, and the Betazoid Commandos. These units retain their traditional ranking schemes, in addition to Starfleet commissions, for reasons of esprit de corps.

Member World Defense Force Liaison Office

Y-A2.png Liaison to Member World Defense Forces

Starfleet Tactical

R-A4.png Chief of Starfleet Tactical

Starfleet Strategic Operations

R-A3.png Chief of Starfleet Strategic Operations

Judge-Advocate General Corps

R-A4.png Admiral T'Lara, Starfleet Judge-Advocate General

Inspector General Corps

R-A4.png Starfleet Inspector General