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The real year 1999 equated to the Sixth Fleet year 2375

Fleet Events that occurred during 1999:

To commemorate Tango Fleet's first CinC, the USS Casey was created.
The independent sim USS Lancelot joined the fleet, the USS Endymion was decommissioned, and the fleet's first non-ship simulation; Starbase Tango was created.
Due to time constraints both Andrew Grimm and Amy Linderman stepped down from their fleet command positions. Liesel Grehsam was named the new CinC with Phillip Barnes as DCinC; however as Liesel was undergoing a major relocation from Europe back to the US at the time, Phillip assumed the role of acting CinC and named Becky Manes as acting DCinC. With the departure of it's CO, the USS Atrius was decommissioned. Two other sims were created (USS Phoenix, USS Odyssey), but lasted only a few months before being decommissioned.
The independent sim USS Concordia joined the fleet.
A proposal was made to create an RPG Constitution. A panel was created by the Command Council to come up with an outline. The USS Artemis was decommissioned.
The USS Dauntless was decommissioned.
Admiral Gresham finally returned to assume the role of CinC.

1998 - 2000