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The real year 2000 equated to the Sixth Fleet year 2376

Fleet Events that occurred during 2000:

Against the wishes of many in the Command Council, Admiral Gresham disbanded the recently formed RPG Constitution panel.
Liesel Gresham resigns as CinC. Philip Barnes once again takes the role with Becky Manes resuming as DCinC. As a result of the internal troubles the USS Pegasus and USS Protostar both withdrew from the fleet, and the USS Concordia was decommissioned.
The Constitution panel was reformed and continued work on the document which was completed in the fall.
Starbase Tango merges with the fleet Academy and becomes a hands-on training sim for new players.
The new RPG Constitution was presented to the Command Council, and ratified with a nearly unanimous vote.
The USS Edison was created to fill the void created by the departed sims.

1999 - 2001