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The real year 2011 equated to the Sixth Fleet year 2387

Fleet Events that occurred during 2011:

15 January
Lee W. has stepped down as First Officer of Starbase 418. Anthony Wittrock has been named the new First Officer.
9 February
James Slattery has been elected Deputy Commander in Chief.
30 April
Sixth Fleet celebrates it's 5th Anniversary!
4 May
Dallas Daniels steps down as Executive Officer of the USS Bismarck. Anthony Wittrock replaces him.
23 May
The Department of Creative Resources has been formed with Admiral Kreg Asay as the first chief.
As the first term of current Commander in Chief Fleet Admiral Graham Thomson approaches it closure the Senate has begun election procedures. Admiral Thomson has decline renomination for a second term, meaning a new CinC will be elected.
13 July
Nathalie Chapman is elected as Sixth Fleet's new Commander in Chief by majority quorum vote of the Command Senate and as such promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral for the duration of her tenure.
17 July
The position of Academy Commandant is reactivated pulling it's responsibilities out of the Chief of Personnel Administration position. Captain Matt Antrobus is appointed to post of as the new Sixth Fleet Academy Commandant.
29 July
Captain Rick Van Der Velden has been appointed to the position of Chief of Personnel Administration.
22 August
Captain Shannon Largent stepped down as XO of the USS Lancelot. Lt. Commander Adam Cosgrove has been named the new First Officer.
4 October
Commander Mallory Jones has been appointed XO of the USS Oberon. Commander Eric Robinson steps down as XO of Starbase 418.
12 October
Captain Anthony Wittrock has been appointed CO of Starbase 418, Commander Scott Guymon replaces him as XO of the USS Bismarck.
13 October
Commander Adam Rodinella has been appointed XO of the USS Cambrian.
18 October
Commodore Daniel Clarkson is pulled out of retirement and has been appointed XO of the Starbase 418.
20 October
Following a majority vote of the crew Starbase 418 has transitioned to a new station and class, it is now Outpost Sierra VI located outside of the Romulan Neutral Zone.

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