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The following events were known to occur during 2371:

  • Each entry preceded by a <L#> designation indicates the level of Fleet Canon that item has been given by the Department of Creative Resources.
  • Items without a designation have not yet been reviewed, or are deemed non-canon events.
  • (Parenthesis) and/or italics show references to source material.




  • <L4> New Star Fleet uniforms are issued, consisting of v-neck collars and color-coded undergarments, apparently used in conjunction with the standard Star Fleet uniforms perhaps as fatigue uniforms at first. They are based upon the station uniforms worn by DS9 personnel and feature an all-new combadge design: the arrowhead symbol backed by a rectangular shield. Phasers also undergo a redesign (ST VII:Generations, ST VIII:First Contact, TNG 278, DSN 447, V 102, V 130, V 154)
  • <L4> The USS Defiant (Defiant-class) enters the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant to find the Founders (DSN 447, DSN 448, DSN 452)



  • <L4> Lt. Jadxia Dax returns to Trill aboard the "Defiant" and uncovers the joining of a rejected initiate Joran Dax, 85 years earlier (DSN 450)
  • <L4> Major Kira Nerys is taken to Cardassia and altered to appear as a deep-cover Cardassian named Iliana (DSN 451)
  • <L4> About this time, Vedek Yarka is stripped of his title for teachings not in keeping with the Bajoran faith (DSN 461)
  • <L4> Quark purchases a wrecked Gamma Quadrant craft which had an alien child aboard. The baby rapidly matures into an adult Jem'Hadar and is taken to Starbase 201 (DSN 452)
  • <L4> An old Cardassian security program on DS9 is activated, and nearly destroys the station (DSN 453).


  • <L4> The planet Meridian (Triola system) is discovered in the Gamma Quadrant (DSN 454).
  • <L4> Lt. B'Elanna Torres becomes the ship's Chief Engineer on USS Voyager (V 103).
  • <L4> Lt. Thomas Riker - now with the Maquis, steals the USS Defiant from Deep Space 9 (DSN 455, DSN 465).
  • <L4> Lwaxana Troi's undergoes Zanthi Fever on DS9 (DSN 456).
  • <L4> Commander Sisko, Dr. Bashir, and Lt. Dax are transported to San Francisco in 2024 A.D. through a transporter malfunction on the "Defiant." Chief O'Brien and Major Kira retrieve the missing away team members and U.F.P. history is restored (DSN 457, DSN 458).
  • <L4> A peace treaty is finalized between the Cardassian Union and Bajorans (DSN 459).


  • <L4> General Martok is abducted from Kang's Summit by the Dominion. He is replaced with a Changeling duplicate (DSN 512).
  • Nog asks to join Star Fleet (DSN 460).
  • <L4> A team of Cardassian scientists assists in employing a subspace relay in the Gamma Quadrant allowing communication through the wormhole at DS9. An ancient Bajoran prophecy is fulfilled (DSN 461).
  • <L4> The [[USS Voyager] encounters a nebula life form and successfully heals its wound (V 106).
  • <L4> Voyager" discovers a wormhole into the Alpha Quadrant, and communicates with a Romulan vessel using a probe relay. It is discovered that the wormhole is also a temporal rift to 2351 (V 107).


  • <L4> The quantum singularity power source of a Romulan Warbird time-shifts Chief O'Brien into the future. He saves his own life and the lives of DS9 by preventing the Romulans from destroying the station and collapsing the wormhole (DSN 463).
  • <L4> The USS Enterprise-D is destroyed after encountering the Nexus ribbon (ST VII:Generations).
  • <L4> Ensign Seska, a physically-altered Cardassian is revealed to be a spy planted in the Maquis. She escapes aboard a Kazon vessel by transporter (V 111).


  • <L4> The Cardassian Obsidian Order and Romulan Tal Shiar join forces to attack the Dominion. Both are destroyed by the Jem'Hadar (DSN 465, DSN 467).
  • <L4> On Voyager, Lt. Tuvok is promoted to Lt. Commander, and Lt.(jg) Paris is promoted to full Lieutenant (V 112, V 113).


  • <L4> The Vidiians, wanting to develop a cure for the Phage, split Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres into Human and Klingon beings (V 114).
  • <L4> Commander Sisko and his son Jake travel to the Cardassian system using an model Bajoran Solar Sail vessel (DSN 468).
  • <L4> The Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA) closes Quark's Place. On DS9, Commander Sisko meets Captain Kasidy Yates and inspects the new runabout, the "Rubicon" (NCC-72936) (DSN 469).


  • <L4> Voyager's bio-gel packs are infected from a virus brought aboard by Neelix (V 116)
  • <L4> On DS9, Lt. Dax performs the Trill Jantara ceremony, splitting the consciousnesses of her past hosts among the DS9 personnel. Nog trains for his pre-Star Fleet examination (DSN 471).


  • <L4> Amelia Earhart and 7 other Humans from 1937 are revived from cryostasis. Given the choice to remain behind on this world or with "Voyager's" crew, the ship's complement unanimously chooses to remain aboard (V 120).
  • <L4> On DS9 Lt. Dax is promoted to Lieutenant Commander (DSN 472, DSN 473)

2370 - 2372