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The following events were known to occur during 2372:

  • Each entry preceded by a <L#> designation indicates the level of Fleet Canon that item has been given by the Department of Creative Resources.
  • Items without a designation have not yet been reviewed, or are deemed non-canon events.
  • (Parenthesis) and/or italics show references to source material.



  • <L4>Major Kira and Gul Dukat embark on a mission to locate the Ravinok. Survivors are found on a borderline Class M planet in the Dozaria system. Dukat finds the daughter of his mistress and returns her to Cardassia. Dukat will be demoted and disgraced by this action (DSN 477, DSN 486).


  • <L4>Dr. Lenara Kahn, once a wife of Dax, boards DS9; using the USS Defiant her team succeeds in creating the first artificial wormhole. (DSN 478)
  • <L4>Native American "Sky Spirits" are encountered on a planet in the Delta Quadrant by the "Voyager" while on a mission to locate polyferanide to seal the warp core. (VOY 125).
  • <L4>On DS9, Quark receives a shuttle from his cousin, names it the Quark's Treasure and pilots it to Earth with Rom, Nog, and (unknowingly) Odo. Sabotaged, and carrying contraband Kemacite, the vessel time-warps to 1947 where it crash lands in Roswell, New Mexico. Escaping from the military, they manage to pilot it back to 2372. (DSN 480).
  • <L3>The Elite cadet Red Squad is formed at Starfleet Academy.
  • <L4>The Luna-class begins planning stages.
  • <L4>The Changelings have infiltrated Earth. (DSN 483)



  • <L3>The Type 11 shuttle begins planning stages.



  • <L4>The Klingons secretly plant cloaked mines on the outskirts of the Bajoran system. Worf and his brother Kurn retrieve the detonation codes from the Klingon cruiser IKS Drovna and destroy the mines. (DS9 487)


  • <L3>Flight testing begins on the Type 10 shuttle design.





  • <L3>Flight testing begins on the Type 11 shuttle.

2371 - 2373