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The following events were known to occur during 2373:
Regular type indicates Canon events. The episode for reference is in [brackets]
Italicized type indicates non-canon events.



  • <L4> The last sighting of Romulan activity along the Neutral Zone is noted during this period. It will remain quiet for over 9 months (ST VIII:First Contact).


  • <L4> Keiko O'Brien is possessed by an exiled wormhole Prophet and forces the Chief O'Brien to sabotage the station, reconfiguring it to emit a Chroniton beam which will kill the wormhole entities. Chief O'Brien targets Keiko's runabout instead of the wormhole, purging his wife of the entity [DSN 504].



  • <L4> Voyager is returned to their exact same time and place of departure in the Delta Quadrant by the Aeon. Voyager's emergency medical holographic program retains an autonomous holographic emitter from the encounter (V 151).
  • <L4> Civil war erupts in the Q Continuum. Q returns to Voyager to take Captain Janeway as a mate, their hybrid offspring intended to cease hostilities. Janeway refuses and she and Q are taken into the Continuum. A female Q arrives and takes Voyager in also. A cease fire is declared, and Q conceives a son with the female Q (V 153).
  • <L4> Constable Odo and Quark, en-route to Inferna Prime, crash land on a L-class world. Their runabout sabotaged with a bomb by the Orion Syndicate, the two fight to survive in an ascent up mountainous terrain. They are rescued by the USS Defiant (DSN 507).
  • <L4> New Starfleet uniforms are issued. The uniforms feature blue-grey tops with color-coded collars and undergarments to distinguish group/division. At the same time are all-new pale white dress uniforms (DSN 508, ST VIII:First Contact, DSN 514, ST IX:Insurrection).
  • <L4> Captain Sisko discovers the sacred lost city of B'hala on Bajor. Bajor's petition to join the Federation is approved. After consulting the Orb of Prophecy, Sisko warns that it is too soon for Bajor to join the Federation. Listening to their Emissary the Bajoran council holds off on membership (DSN 508).
  • <L4> The Maquis attack Panora at approximately this time (DSN 511).


  • <L4> On the fringe of the Nekrit Expanse, Voyager takes shore leave at a remote trading station (V 156).
  • <L4> While investigating an inversion nebula, Voyager discovers an unusual plasma dampening field. A sentient computer program seizes control of the ship, and a holo character is revealed to be a liaison tool of a lonely alien manning a remote station generating the dampening field (V 155).
  • <L4> On DS9, Odo cares for a Changeling baby which dies from radiation damage. The child merges with Odo upon it's death giving the constable his shapeshifting abilities. Keiko O'Brien has her second baby, Kirayoshi (DSN 510, DSN 489).
  • <L4> Captain Sisko takes the USS Defiant in search of the traitor Michael Eddington. A cascade virus planted by Eddington disables the Defiant. The Maquis meanwhile disable the Excelsior-class starship USS Malinche and attack Quatal Prime with biogenic weapons. Eddington turns himself in (DSN 511).



  • <L4> On a scouting mission in the Nekrit Expanse, Commander Chakotay discovers a colony of former Borg members stripped of their collective. Voyager finds their deactivated Borg vessel with its power conduits overloaded by an immense electrical discharge. The former Borg members request assistance from the starship to reactivate their cube to once again share minds, but to form a Cooperative not a Collective group mind. Janeway denies their request which forces the ex-Borg to use Chakotay to reactivate their cube. The Collective Borg still on-board also revive and the Cooperative initiates a self-destruct, destroying the cube (V 159).


  • <L4> Dr. Louis Zimmerman of the Jupiter Research Station visits DS9 intending to use Dr. Bashir as a model for his long-term medical holographic program prototype. Zimmerman brings Bashir's parents to DS9 and Dr. Bashir's genetically-enhanced background is revealed. Richard Bashir accepts a 2-year prison sentence at the New Zealand penal colony so Dr. Bashir can retain both his commission and medical practice (DSN 514).



  • <L4> Voyager finds a Voskadye science station destroyed by a subspace anomaly (V 164).
  • <L4> In the Delta Quadrant, Professor Gagin's field expedition is successful in locating Voyager to prove his Distant Origin Theory of the Voth. The entire Voyager crew is beamed aboard the Voth city ship. Chakotay backs Gagin's claims but the professor is found guilty of heresy against doctrine. Rather than see the Voyager's crew executed, Gagin retracts his Distant Origin claims and the ship is free to leave (V 165).
  • <L4> Chief Miles O'Brien heads a salvage team to the abandoned Cardassian station Empok Nor to procure replacement plasma distribution manifolds. Two Cardassians of the 3rd Batallion are revived from suspended animation and destroy the team's runabout (DSN 522).
  • <L4> Over the next five weeks, each week a convoy of Dominion ships will emerge from the Bajoran wormhole bound for Cardassia (DSN 524).
  • <L4> The Borg return to Federation space. The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-E) under the command of Captain Picard disobeys orders and heads for Earth to aid in the battle. Combining their firepower, the Borg cube is destroyed, but launches a Sphere just before it's destruction. The USS Defiant, under the command of Worf, is badly damaged and he is beamed aboard the Enterprise. The Borg Sphere creates a temporal portal to 2063, and the . The Enterprise follows them in. Scans of Earth while within the portal find a change in history - the Borg have assimilated Earth and have populated it with 9 billion Borg drones. The Enterprise follows the sphere back to the 21st Century to ensure that history remains unaltered (ST VIII:First Contact).
  • <L3> At McKinley Station, the Enterprise crew is quarantined, scanned, and decontaminated for possible Borg infection and any viral or bacterial pathogens they may have picked up while in the past, as well as debriefed by the Department of Temporal Affairs. Engineering crews wearing biohazard containment suits scour the ship removing the self-replicating Borg technology from corridors, circuit panels, and Jefferies Tubes. Lt. Commander Data is repaired. Lt. Commander Worf returns to Deep Space 9.
  • <L4> Over the next three weeks, 3 ships will vanish near the Cardassian border, including the Miranda-class USS Tian Nan Men (NCC-21382) (DSN 523).


  • <L4> A Dominion representative tries to negotiate with Kai Winn on DS9. His offer is to split Bajor from the Federation by signing a non-aggression treaty, and Captain Sisko advises her to stall for more time (DSN 523).
  • <L4> When the 5th convoy of Dominion ships bound for Cardassia emerges from the Bajoran wormhole a Federation-Dominion war appears on the rise. Even the Romulans have signed a non-aggression treaty with the Dominion. Captain Sisko orders the mining of the wormhole entrance with cloaked, self-replicating mines programmed to swarm-detonate. Bajor signs a non-aggression treaty with the Dominion. A large force of Dominion ships heading for DS9 is detected by General Martok as the last of the wormhole mines are laid and the field activated. Captain Sisko gives the order to evacuate DS9 as it faces a large force of Jem'Hadar warships, led by Weyoun and Dukat. The Defiant heads for a rendezvous with the Federation task force as the Dominion take over DS9 (DSN 524).
  • <L4> Voyager finally encroaches upon Borg space. A corridor through the area is discovered and nicknamed the Northwest Passage. However the region is found to be the domain of an new force of alien bioships logged as Species 8472 by the Borg. It is revealed that they are more ruthless than the Borg, cannot be assimilated, and are emerging through a quantum singularity. Captain Janeway strikes a deal with the Borg: information on reprogramming nano-probes to be effective against the invaders in return for safe passage through Borg space (V 168).

2372 - 2374