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The following events were known to occur during 2374:
Regular type indicates Canon events. The episode for reference is in [brackets]
Italicized type indicates non-canon events.


  • <L4> USS Voyager forms a loose alliance with the Borg to combat Species 8472 (V 169)
  • <L4> Seven of Nine's link to the collective is severed. Kes undergoes a transformation and departs "Voyager" after flinging it 10 years closer to home (V 170)
  • <L4> Seven of Nine works with Chief Engineer Torres on the creation of a transwarp conduit (V 171)
  • <L4> On a survey mission, Commander Chakotay is captured by the Voray and conditioned to fight the Krayton after his shuttlecraft is attacked (V 172)


  • <L4> "Voyager" plots a new course through Krenim space which will eliminate 5 years of their journey. The starship encounters the Krenim timeship, beginning the so-called "Year of Hell" (V 176)
  • <L4> During the Dominion War only 14 of 112 ships remain of the 7th Fleet. Admiral Ross assigns Captain Sisko and his crew to destroy a Dominion ketracel-white supply base inside Cardassian space using a captured Jem'Hadar ship. Their mission is a success, although their vessel's warp drive is disabled (DSN 525)
  • <L4> Chief O'Brien takes the "Defiant" to the Argolis Cluster and successfully neutralizes the Dominion's sensor array. On Dominion-controlled DS9, Rom is taken into custody (DSN 528)
  • <L4> The "Defiant" class training vessel USS Valiant (NCC-74210) is trapped behind enemy lines. For the next 8 months they will maintain radio silence with Star Fleet Command, Cadet Waters acting as commanding officer after their Captain is killed in battle (DSN 546)
  • <L4> Captain Sisko's commandeered Jem'Hadar ship crashes on a Class M planet, also marooned on the world is [[Jem'Hadar] force commanded by the wounded Vorta Keevan (DSN 527)
  • <L4> Sisko's team is rescued by General Martok and transported back to Starbase 375. Alexander Rozhenko is inducted into the House of Martok (DSN 526)
  • <L4> The Evora achieve warp drive and next year the Federation Council will make them a protectorate (ST IX:Insurrection)


  • <L4> In the Delta Quadrant aboard the "Voyager," Lt. Tuvok is promoted to Lt. Commander. The starship assists a vessel from Sarvus controlled by a deranged HD-25 isomorphic projection responsible for the crew's death. Ensign Kim works on an assignment with Seven of Nine to enhance the astrometrics lab (V 173)
  • <L4> In Bomar space, Seven of Nine steals a shuttlecraft when dormant Borg nanoprobes become active compelling her to rejoin the collective by a resonance signal. She and Tuvok are led to a partially assimilated Federation vessel, "The Raven" (NAR 38450), her father's ship (V 174)
  • <L4> After several tries, Starfleet takes back control of DS9 from the Dominion / Cardassian forces (DSN 529, DSN 530, DSN 533)
  • <L4> While in a system of binary pulsars, the "Voyager's" crew find themselves the subjects of aliens studying the effects of hyper-stimulated DNA (V 175)


  • <L4> "Voyager's" astrometrics lab is opened and veers away from Krenim Imperium space. The Year of Hell timeline is averted (V 177)


  • <L4> Shore leave on the Maari homeworld of telepaths leads to the arrest of Lt. Torres for the projection of hostile thoughts. Lt. Commander Tuvok uncovers a black market of banned thoughts (V 178)
  • <L4> On DS9, four genetically-engineered savants produce the stunning statistical probability that the Federation would ultimately lose in an all-out war with the Dominion, costing 900 billion lives (DSN 533)
  • <L4> The "Defiant" returns from the first reconnaissance mission into Cardassian space since the Dominion's retreat. Quark's mother is taken prisoner by the Dominion and the Grand Nagus requests that Quark rescue her for the sum of 50 bars of gold pressed latinum. The mission is successfully accomplished with Ferengi allies (DSN 534)
  • <L4> While being transported to Starbase 621 to stand trial, Dukat escapes from custody when the "Honshu" is attacked and destroyed by Cardassian ships. Both find themselves marooned on a barren world, Dukat's sanity slipping away. Captain Sisko is rescued by the "Defiant." Dukat escapes aboard the downed shuttlecraft, raving that he should have destroyed the Bajoran people when he had the chance. The "Defiant" rendezvous with a troop convoy in the Badlands ([[DSN 535])


  • <L4> Joseph Sisko and Kasidy Yates visit Captain Sisko on DS9. Sisko's neural patterns shift, causing hallucinations of being a writer (Benny Russell) on Earth in the 1950s (DSN 538)
  • <L4> Aliens plague the dreams of the "Voyager" crew, sweeping the officers into an induced collective unconsciousness (V 182)
  • <L4> Chief O'Brien is assigned to a secret undercover mission to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate on Farius (DSN 539)
  • <L4> An alien sensor network enables the "Voyager's" EMH doctor to be transported to the Alpha Quadrant aboard the experimental prototype starship USS Prometheus (NX-59650) (V 181)


  • <L4> Ensign Lyndsay Ballard dies from a neural disruptor while on a dilithium extraction away mission with Ensign Kim. She will be given a space burial and later reanimated by the Kabali (V 238)


  • <L4> Proconsul Neral becomes Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire (DSN 566)
  • <L4> "Voyager" helps a disabled Hirogen ship, and a member of Species 8472 is set loose. Seven of Nine disobeys Captain Janeway's orders and beams the creature and the surviving Hirogen aboard one of the fleet ships. She is reprimanded by Janeway and revokes her access to primary systems (V 184)


  • <L4> The Dominion invade UFP Space. Betazed is one of the planets captured. The Romulans enter the war against the Dominion (DSN 543)
  • <L0> Loren Ackerman enrolls in Starfleet Academy.
  • <L4> The Ba'ku planet is 'discovered' in UFP space by the So'na. Starfleet is contacted for a joint-mission to study the Ba'ku (ST: IX:Insurrection)
  • <L4> The Hirogen board "Voyager" and utilize the ship's holodecks to simulate World War II Germany. The crew eventually start to retake the ship, a cease fire is declared, and the Hirogen depart (V 186, V 187)


  • <L4> "Voyager" seeks out and neutralizes artificially-created Omega molecules (V 189)
  • <L4> Starbase 257 is attacked by the Dominion. Cadet Nog and Jake Sisko aboard the runabout "Shenandoah" (NCC-73024) are rescued by the USS Valiant (NCC-74210) commanded by Tim Waters of Red Squad, a cadet training vessel. Attempting to take on a Dominion battleship, the "Valiant" is destroyed. Nog and Jake Sisko's escape pod is rescued by the "Defiant" (DSN 546)


  • <L4> Molly O'Brien vanishes into an ancient time portal 300 years in the past. She is retrieved, aged a decade and unable to cope with society, much less life aboard DS9. Chief O'Brien sends her back, and the 18 year old O'Brien urges her 8 year old self to return through the portal to the present (DSN 548)
  • <L4> Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax murdered on DS9 by Gul Dukat. The Dax symbiont is joined to Ensign Ezri (DSN 550, DSN 552)


2373 - 2375