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The following events were known to occur during 2375:
Regular type indicates Canon events. The episode for reference is in [brackets]
Italicized type indicates non-canon events.


  • <L4> Photo-sensitive aliens attack Voyager using an energy-dampening field. A Maylon spatial rift shortcut out of the void is taken by the Voyager and closed. (V 195)
  • <L4> Voyager's EMH's mobile emitter is infected with Seven of Nine's nanoprobes. The 29th Century technology spawns a Borg maturation chamber and a Borg fetus which rapidly matures into a super-Borg designated One. One lures a Borg sphere to Voyager, destroys the sphere and is beamed back aboard. With the Collective now aware of One's existence, and a danger to the ship, he commits suicide to prevent Borg pursuit. (V 196)
  • <L3> Full series production begins on the Prometheus-class.
  • <L4> When a multi-spatial probe from Voyager is driven into a gas giant, a race against a Maylon freighter is begun to recover it. Lt. Tom Paris designs a Delta Flyer craft specially designed for the challenge. Voyager succeeds in recovering the probe (V 197).


  • <L4> Terrasphere 8 is discovered by Voyager, a training ground for an Earth invasion engineered by Species 8472, now in Human guise. Captain Janeway narrowly avoids a military conflict and agrees to a technology exchange (V 198).
  • <L4> The Delta Flyer crashes onto a Class M planetoid. Tuvok, Paris, and Wildman are buried alive beneath kilotons of rock and nearly asphyxiate before Voyager recovers them (V 199).
  • <L4> A quantum slipstream drive is completed by Voyager after months of work. Commander Chakotay and Ensign Kim agree to scout ahead in the Delta Flyer, feeding Voyager navigational phase correction info on the slipstream. The brief slipstream leap brings the ship nearly 10 years closer to the Alpha Quadrant (V 200).
  • <L4> A Romulan hospital complex is established on Derna, a Bajoran moon. Shortly thereafter, 7,000 plasma torpedoes are discovered deployed there. On Earth Captain Sisko has a vision of his real mother, Sarah. His father gives him a locket bearing the ancient Bajoran inscription 'Orb of the Emissary' (DSN 551).
  • <L4> The Siskos and Ezri Dax uncover the Orb of the Emissary. Colonel Kira commands a blockade around Derna, after the failure of diplomatic channels to remove the Romulan ordnance. The Romulans agree to remove the weapons from Derna and the Romulan fleet withdraws (DSN 552).
  • <L4> Ezri Dax has difficulties adapting to life aboard DS9, Captain Sisko pulls some strings to get her to remain aboard DS9, including a field promotion to Lieutenant and a permanent position as the station's counselor (DSN 553).
  • <L4> Weyoun-6 defects, turning himself over to Odo. Making their way back to DS9, they are assaulted by Jem'Hadar warships. Weyoun sacrifices himself by activating his termination implant so that Odo can return, but not before revealing that the Founders are dying. The entire Link is suffering from an unknown disease (DSN 556).
  • <L4> Kor serves under General Martok as Third Officer aboard the Ch'Tang on a cavalry raid into Dominion space to assault Trelka V. Kor sacrifices himself, allowing the Klingon Birds of Prey to escape 10 Jem'Hadar fighters using long-range tachyon scanners to penetrate their cloak (DSN 557).
  • <L4> At the front lines, AR-558 is under seige by Jem'Hadar forces. The Defiant and her officers lend assistance to the largest Dominion communications array in the sector captured by Star Fleet. The USS Viracruise transports the wounded to Starbase 371, including Cadet Nog who will lose a leg in combat (DSN 558).


  • <L4> Seven of Nine aboard Voyager in the Delta Quadrant acquires a multiple personality disorder induced by a virus-infected Borg vinculum via her neural interlink frequency. Tuvok is forced to perform a Vulcan mind-meld to stabilize Seven of Nine's consciousness. She recovers from her ordeal after nearly one week (V 201).
  • <L4> A cytoplasmic alien fuses with Lt. Torres. Voyager's EMH consults with an exobiologist hologram, Dr. Krell Moset, a Cardassian accused of mass murder, to save her life (V 202).
  • <L4> Colonel Kira Nerys is abducted to Empok Nor by the Pah-wraith cult now led by Gul Dukat. Kira shatters the cult when Dukat declares a suicide pact (DSN 559).
  • <L4> When Lt. Paris takes radical action to preserve the oceans of the the Monean Maritime Soverignty, he is demoted to Ensign and sentenced to 30 days of solitary confinement in the brig (V 203).
  • <L4> Lt. Commander Data malfunctions while on a mission to study the Ba'ku people, a Federation-Son'a alliance is revealed to Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The Son'a, led by Ru'afo, attempt to plunder the regenerative properties of the Ba'ku world's metaphasic radiation rings and the Enterprise officers revolt. The Son'a are ensnared using the same holoship intended to evacuate the Ba'ku. The Federation Council eventually agrees to reconsider relocating the Ba'ku. Captain Picard intends to spend his accrued 318 days of shore leave on the planet (ST IX:Insurrection).
  • <L4> Voyager is subject to boardings and inspections by the Devore Imperium over the course of weeks. Claiming to be a defector, Kashyk of the Devore Imperium, leads Voyager into a trap. Captain Janeway dispatches two shuttlecraft bearing Brenari telepaths to safety into a wormhole in the Tehara system (V 204).


  • <L3> The Battle of Ricktor Prime is fought 3 light years from the former Cardassian border.









  • <L4> Voyager comes to the rescue of the USS Equinox (NCC-72381) Nova-class science vessel commanded by Captain Ransom, assaulted by hostile aliens. The Equinox officers have been sacrificing the nucleogenic aliens' lives by converting them into fuel to enhance their propulsion systems. Ransom takes back the Equinox and sets course for the Alpha Quadrant with the protective field generator, leaving Voyager under attack (V 220).
  • <L4> Voyager hunts down the Equinox and rescues Seven of Nine held hostage by Captain Ransom. The Equinox is destroyed but not before the remaining crew are beamed aboard Voyager. Officers Marla Gilmore, James Morrow, Angela Tassoni, and Brian Sofin are stripped of rank (V 221).

2374 - 2376