7th Marine Division

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The 7th Marine Division is a major unit of the Starfleet Marine Corps. It served with distinction during the Dominion War and served as the Headquarters of the Starfleet Cardassian Occupation Force from 2376 - 2379. It currently serves as the Marine Corps Forces component to Seventh Fleet and such is dual designated Seventh Division - Seventh Fleet Marine Force. It is currently under the command of Major General Terrance Blake with it's headquarters battalion embedded in Fleet Command on Trill.


  • 7th Marine Division


Rank Name Position
G-A2.pngG-A2-2.png Major General Terrance Blake Commanding General, 7th Marine Division
Commander, Seventh Fleet Marine Forces
G-A1.pngG-A1-2.png Brigadier General Merktor Deputy Commanding General, 7th Marine Division
Deputy Commander, Seventh Fleet Marine Forces
G-O6.pngG-blank-2.png Colonel Warren Kimmel Commanding Officer, 17th Marine Regiment
Director of Fleet Deployments
G-O6.pngG-blank-2.png Colonel Nels Brhom Commanding Officer, 33rd Marine Regiment
G-O6.pngG-blank-2.png Colonel T'Vel Commanding Officer, 101st Marine Regiment
G-O6.pngG-blank-2.png Colonel Nancy Waters Commanding Officer, 77th Marine Expeditionary Unit
G-O6.pngG-blank-2.png Colonel Xan Paffem Commanding Officer, Marine Aircraft Group 47
G-O5.pngG-blank-2.png Lieutenant Colonel Helga Haakon Commanding Officer, 7th Combat Engineer Battalion
G-O5.pngG-blank-2.png Lieutenant Colonel Neem Rhohon Commanding Officer, 7th Reconnaissance Battalion
G-O5.pngG-blank-2.png Lieutenant Colonel Vel Torek Commanding Officer, 22nd Artillery Battalion


The HQ Battalion, 33rd Regiment, and MAG 47, as well as the Combat Engineering and Reconnaissance Battalions are based on Trill. The 17th Regiment serves as the Fleet Deployment force aboard the ships of 7th Fleet with a small administrative headquarters on Trill. The 101st Regiment is an Expeditionary Force and designed to deploy on mass.

Fleet Deployments / 17th Marine Regiment


  • Nadia Martínez
    • Platoon Commander - 2nd Platoon, 4th Battalion, 33rd Regiment - 2nd Lieutenant (2376 - 2379)