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Admiral is a senior Flag Rank. It's insignia is four solid pips enclosed by a square. It ranks above Vice Admiral and below Fleet Admiral. Admirals command number Fleets and Starfleet Service Branches, during times of war or emergency the Starfleet Chief of Staff or Federation President can assign additional four-star Admirals to command critical sectors or joint staff positions. The Marine Corps equivalent is General.

Out of Character: The Sixth Fleet Deputy Commander-in-Chief holds the rank of Admiral during their tenure.

Sixth Fleet Admirals

Kreg Asay - (Chief of Creative Resources)

Starfleet Admirals (Canon and Novels)

  • Alynna Nechayev - (2370's)
  • William Ross - (after 2376)
  • Owen Paris - (Starfleet Communications) - 2370's
  • Strickler (Starfleet Engineering) - 2370's
  • T'Lara - (Starfleet Judge Advocate) - 2370's
  • Charles Whatley - (Cardassian Sector Command, Starfleet Academy) - 2370's