Alistair Fields IV

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Alistair Fields.jpg
Alistair Fields IV
Full Name Alistair Graham Fields IV
Alias(es) 'Tin-Can' Alley
'Torpedo' Alley
'Scatter' Field
Position Chief Tactical Officer
USS Hyperion NX-7438
Species Human
Born 31st March 2358
Homeworld Luna
Status Player Character
Played by Russell Elsom
Affiliation USS Hyperion (NX-7438)
Actor Paul Blackthorne

Commander Alistair Fields IV is a ten year Starfleet veteran serving as Chief Tactical Officer of the newly commissioned USS Devonshire.


Childhood and Youth:

Alistair Fields III circa 2357
Alistair Fields was born in New Berlin, Luna in 2358. Originally his parents had intended to name him George after his maternal grandfather. However six months prior to his birth his father, Lieutenant Alistair Fields III was killed during the loss of the USS Pegasus, when her crew mutinied against Captain Pressman. Fields was one of three crewmen named by the survivors who had resisted the mutineers, but had died prior to the presumed destruction of the vessel.
Jacqueline Lee-Fields circa 2369

Following his birth Alistair was named after his deceased father. His mother Jacqueline Fields was a paediatric doctor at New Berlin General Hosptial. Despite the hardship of raising a child as a single parent, Jacqueline continued to do so until Alistair was seven. During that time Alistair showed little interest in most school activities, other than the relatively new game of Springball introduced by Bajoran refugees. The only true interest he had outside of school was in studying ant farms and other insect colonies.

In 2366 his mother Jacqueline remarried. Unlike her first husband, Kenneth Lee was a school teacher, teaching biology at the local high school. Kenneth and Alistair bonded over their love of insects, with Kenneth introducing Alistair to the engineering principles of the insect world.

Kenneth Lee circa 2372

At the age of twelve Alistair was enrolled at Zephram Cochrane High School. Although he showed some promise in biology, most of his teachers recognized a skill for mathematics and physics that far outstripped his skills in the other sciences. Even Kenneth, now genuinely accepted as his father, admitted that Alistair had a path that led away from science or medicine, the two hopes his mother held onto.

In 2375 Jacqueline received an offer to take over as Head of Paediatrics at one of the top hospitals in San Francisco. Before deciding to uproot the family, she and Kenneth decided to visit San Francisco, seeing the amazing views and opportunities available. Kenneth, an Earth native, took the opportunity to visit his sister, who was living in Seattle, taking Alistair with him whilst Jacqueline was interviewing for the position in San Francisco, with Jacqueline joining them in Seattle later.

Unfortunately the Breen launched their infamous attack on Earth at what was the darkest point of the Federation efforts of the Dominion War. It was also the first time that Earth had been directly attacked since the Cetacean Probe in 2286 over ninety years before. Although safe in Seattle Kenneth and Alistair were forced to endure the wait to know if Jacqueline had survived the attack on San Francisco. Five days later they were reunited with Jacqueline, however she had been badly injured during the attack. Although she recovered for a short while, Jacqueline died in 2376, nearly eight months after the attack on Earth. Kenneth moved to Seattle, and continued to raise Alistair as his own son for the next few months before Alistair left for college.

College Years:

Alistair attended Tokyo University from 2376 until 2379. During his time there he specialized in Structural Engineering. However Alistair had lost his interest in architecture and instead leaned more towards the principles necessary to destroy structures. This interest became a worry for his professors until he presented his second year dissertation, a well written piece that utilized technologies from five worlds and three centuries to create a structure far more resilient than some destroyed in the attacks on Earth. Simulations of his theories showed some promise,with the comparative damage assessments in Alistair's paper shown to be more conservative than those generated by the simulations.
Tanya Grayson 2380

Meanwhile Alistair had developed an attitude towards life that bordered on the extreme. Although managing to maintain his scholastic grades by a hair, Alistair became known for attending wild parties, heavy drinking and general disorder. During his first year alone he was picked up for various minor offences no less than fifteen times. He also managed to get into a fair amount of trouble with women. After his third fight over the attentions of a lady, Kenneth was called to straighten him out. Alistair spent three weeks with Kenneth in the Rockies over the summer of 2379. When he returned to Tokyo his behavior had improved, ensuring that he would continue to attend the university, though his partying ways still continued.

USS Pegasus 2370
In 2378 Alistair met Tanya Grayson, a Starfleet ensign recently graduated from Starfleet Academy. Despite only spending a short time together the results of that relationship would have lasting repercussions on Alistair's life. Tanya was a counselor, and realized that Alistair's behavior was rooted in a deep seated uncertainty about his future. Ten years earlier the crew of the USS Enterprise-D commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard had locateded the USS Pegasus. However the ship along with the bodies of the many of her crew, his father, Alistair the Third, among them were not recovered due to the ship being partially phased into solid rock. Alistair was torn between the hopes of his mother to pursue a civilian career and his new found desire to follow in his father's footsteps. She suggested that he apply to the Academy, with the possibility of going into the Engineering Division. Tanya shipped out three weeks after they met for a posting on Betazed.

Six months before graduating from Tokyo University Alistair applied to Starfleet Academy. After successfully passing the entrance exams he delayed starting his training to complete his degree.

Starfleet Career:
Starfleet Academy:

Starfleet Academy 2380
Alistair arrived at Starfleet Academy in the autumn of 2379. Unfortunately his partying ways had not changed and he immediately incurred the wrath of the Academy's long term groundskeeper Boothby by picking a handful of flowers for a young woman. However he later apologised for the incident, and found the wisdom given out by the old man to be extensive.

Alistair initially was assigned to a training cadre for Engineering Cadets, however a number of his instructors noticed that he had a skill with identifying weak points in construction designs for Starfleet vessels. When assigned a similar task for a Vor'cha Class Cruiser he located a minor weakness not previously identified. Alistair was counselled to apply for a Tactical Course, but remained in the Engineering Courses.

In 2380 Alistair undertook the infamous Kobayashi Maru simulation. Although no longer used for its original purpose of the No Win Scenario, the test was used to identify personality traits that might better align cadets with Starfleet career path. Alistair failed the test, but was noted for his attempt and permanently reassigned to the Tactical courses the following year.

Alistair also found his life changed when he received contact from Tanya Grayson that she had given birth to a daughter. Although their paths wouldn't cross for some time Alistair did try to keep appraised of her situation.

USS Bellerophon

USS Bellerophon 2385
‎ Following graduation from the Academy Alistair was assigned as a tactical officer aboard the Intrepid Class USS Bellerophon (NCC-74705) as a junior tactical officer. For the next two years he applied himself to this role, earning a more than satisfactory standing with the crew. Originally posted to a small security team Alistair was recognised for his tactical understanding, earning him the second slot on the team.

During a shore leave to Ogus II in October 2383 Alistair and six other crewmen were infected with a parasite that was present in the fruit of the cove palm. Despite the state of the art facilities aboard Bellerophon the ship was forced to travel to Starbase 416 for medical assistance. Three months later Alistair was wounded in a firefight on Rutia IV while assisting the delivery of medical supplies. During the fight Alistair was credited with three enemy kills, saving the lives of eight civilians and three fellow crewmembers. However his skills both in engineering and tactical systems finally earned him a better position, posted first to the armory and then the torpedo bays.

It was during his time in the torpedo bays that Alistair began developing additional upgrades for the standard Mark VI torpedo. He also programmed a series of automated firing systems for the launchers, enabling rapid targeting and firing based on ship type. For his work Alistair was recognised with a commendation, and assigned to Jupiter Station with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, initially to work on similar programs for general use in the fleet.

Jupiter Station

Jupiter Station 2385
‎Upon arrival at Jupiter Station in 2385 Alistair was assigned to developing a series of rapid launch protocols for torpedo launchers. Each protocol was intended to be a standard setup, determined by the class of starship being faced, the Federation vessel the launchers were aboard and the extent of the damage to be done.

Alistair's first attempt was an expansion of the work he had begun aboard the Bellerophon. In connection with the rest of his team, Alistair successfully trialled three launch protocols, targeting B'rel, Vor'cha and the recently commissioned Qang Class vessels. However Alistair also programmed a similar protocol system for targeting an Excelsior class starship. His intention was to prove a weakness based around the secondary command processors, a flaw first discovered aboard the USS Voyager during her seven years in the Delta Quadrant, could be disastrous for any vessel.

Alistair's work was not appreciated however, primarily due to the extensive number of Excelsior class starships in service with the Fleet. The protocol and it's accompanying reports were declared classified and Alistair was shipped off of Jupiter Station, just four months after arriving.

USS Tripoli

Alistair was assigned as the Beta Shift Tactical Officer aboard the USS Tripoli (NCC-19386)

Return to the Academy

Instructing at the Academy 2386
In 2386 Alistair was nominated for the Advanced Tactical Training Course at Starfleet Academy, based on the suggestion of his commanding officer. The course was a rigorous series of assessments and core subjects not delivered during basic officer training. The course was expected to last three months. However two months into the course Alistair was dropped on request, feeling that he was unsuited to the requirements needed to successfully complete. He was one of fifty applicants out if the original eighty seven who failed the course that semester.

Alistair was not finished at the Academy however as his expertise in torpedo technology was on par with then Academy Instructor Commander Harrison. Commander Harrison, the primary instructor in Tactical Analysis, was forced to take a leave of absence for personal reasons, two weeks prior to Alistair dropping out of his Advanced Tactical Training Course. Immmediately following his dropping from the course Alistair was asked to teach the required material for torpedoes, a section intended to last three weeks.

‎Alistair's approach was to split his students into five groups, pitting each group against a different type of torpedo weapon employed by the other powers. Each group was asked to best the attacker, only to find themselves outmatched. Subsequent attempts following the first part of the course showed that Alistair' students had a superior understanding of the different torpedo weapons and could react decisively to counter them. For his efforts Alistair was asked to remain at the Academy, continuing to teach a variety of sections of the Tactical Analysis until Commander Harrison's return.

USS Sheffield

USS Sheffield during trials 2387
In 2387 the USS Sheffield, the successor to the Thomas Paine class starship, was commissioned at Utopia Planetia. A member of the new Mulciber class of starships, she was built with a number of new systems that were not standard on most Starfleet vessels. Designed primarily as a complement to the older Typhon class carrier she was equipped with six shuttle bays for fighter deployment and the latest Quantum slipstream drive.
Angela Grayson 2387
Due to her modifications on the original Mulciber design, a team of specialists was assembled to take her for the initial shakedown cruise. Among those chosen were Captain Thomas Newman, a dedicated officer of the Dominion War, Commander Ston, the officer in charge of the Sheffield's completion at Utopia Planetia, and Commander Tori Kane, a skilled medical officer on loan from Starfleet Medical. To assess the ships weapons and tactical capabilities a three man team was selected, consisting of Lieutenant Michael Green, Lieutenant Claire Halliwell and Alistair, with Alistair promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named Chief Tactical Officer.
Tanya Grayson 2387

Normally a period of only a few days or weeks, USS Sheffield's shakedown was extended to allow a full assessment of the abilities of the modified Mulciber design, eventually lasting for ten months. The majority of this took place in the vicinity of the former Demilitarized Zone between the Cardassian Union and the Federation, but included slipstream runs to Bynaus, Rigel, Cait and Zald, with most taking only a few days compared to the normal time of several weeks.

During his time aboard the USS Sheffield Alistair was contacted by his former flame Tanya Grayson, who had recently been reassigned to the USS Sutherland. Unfortunately due to the size of the vessel, Tanya was unable to take their daughter Angela with her. While the Sheffield was not intended to house families, she was a better prospect than the Sutherland or sending Angela to her uncle on Relva VII. While uncertain about becoming an actual parent, Alistair agreed to take Angela on a trial basis. It was the first time he had met the eight year old since she had been born. Alistair tried his best to care for Angela, but readily admitted that he wasn't ready or cut out to be a parent. Despite this the two quickly became close.

Five months after Angela arrived the USS Sheffield was formally accepted into service. The majority of the crew were offered positions aboard, but Alistair turned down the opportunity. Instead he accepted an offer to assist in the development of a new class of starship at Utopia Planetia, primarily due to the better accommodations available for families on Mars compared to the Sheffield.

Project Dragon

In 2388 Alistair was assigned to the Starship Design Bureau of Utopia Planetia at Mars Station. Arriving with his daughter Angela in tow, Alistair found it difficult to settle into the new routine. Most difficult was the need to provide a stable environment for Angela whilst working varying hours to meet the needs of the new design team.

Officially named 'Project Dragon' the design program was based on the success of the Defiant Class of starships. With tensions on the rise with both the resurgent Romulan Star Empire and the Klingon Empire, the newest class of starship was intended to be a partner to the Defiant Class, but with many of the original design flaws ironed out. Alistair's inclusion on the team was reliant on his work at Jupiter station three years earlier, officially focusing on expanding the capabilities of the now active torpedo launch protocols. However Alistair was also to look at redesigning the tactical systems to eliminate the flaw that he had identified in the Excelsior Class which had since been located in no less than eighteen classes of starship.

Among the other developments made for the new class were a modified warp drive that was far more capable than the Defiant system. Another change was the inclusion of an enlarged torpedo system, a system that was intended to be capable of firing quantum torpedoes, a type usually reserved for larger ships such as the Sovereign and Vesta Classes.

Project Dragon would take up a large part of Alistair's time for the next few months. Unfortunately this meant that he was unable to care for Angela as he had hoped. By this time Tanya was also ready to move on from the USS Sutherland, but was required to wait an additional few months for a transfer to a larger vessel, the USS Cairo. For this reason Alistair reached out to his stepfather Kenneth Lee, who agreed to take Angela until Tanya was ready to take her again. Alistair continued to see Angela as much as possible until late October when he was asked to take the Chief Tactical Officer's slot aboard the USS Colussus, a new Sovereign class ship that was to undergo her shakedown cruise. He remained with project Dragon until mid November when Tanya arrived aboard the Cairo to collect Angela.

USS Colussus

USS Colossus 2389
Alistair formally transferred to the USS Colossus on November 28th 2388 as her interim Chief Tactical Officer. Like the shakedown for the USS Sheffield, Alistair was responsible for ensuring that the vessel's tactical systems were fully capable of defending the ship. As part of his transfer to the Colossus Alistair received a promotion to Commander.

One of the twelve new Sovereign Class starships ordered to complement the USS Sovereign and the USS Enterprise-E, the Colossus was the tenth ship completed, with the USS Royale launched four months previously. Due to the ships requirement for a large crew, the Colossus was one of only three Sovereign Class ships completed that year. Alistair served aboard the Colossus for her five week shakedown, before being offered the post of permanent Chief Tactical Officer. Alistair was also offered the visiting lecturer chair at Starfleet Academy with a promotion to Commander, a post he chose over the Colossus's position.

Return to Teaching

Alistair returned to Starfleet Academy in January of 2389, arriving towards the end of the fall semester. Once again taking over the torpedo sections of the Tactical Analysis course, Alistair hoped the position would be a more stable environment than he had maintained at Utopia Plantia, allowing for Angela to visit on a more permanent basis. It also offered the possibility of taking over the entire course with Commander Harrison retiring permanently at the end of the Academy year. While hesitant to admit it to many people, Angela had made an important impact on his life, one he hoped to reclaim by asking for joint custody of his daughter. However his hopes were dashed when Tanya decided to maintain sole custody of Angela. Alistair was permitted greater access to his daughter with Angela visiting both him and her grandfather Kenneth during April of 2389, before returning to the Cairo. She also visited with her mother in October.

Alistair found himself missing Angela more than he had originally realized. As a result he broached the subject of transferring to the USS Cairo, first with Tanya, who had come to welcome his greater involvement in Angela's life, and the Cairo's captain Joshua Ramsey. However the USS Cairo's Chief Tactical Officer had no interest in moving to new posting. This left Alistair to look for a posting which might offer the possibility of an opening for a counselor, allowing both he and Tanya to transfer aboard.

USS Devonshire

Alistair's prayers appeared to have been answered by the commissioning of the USS Devonshire, the latest ship to bear her name. A newly built Nebula Class ship she was initially fitted out as a science ship utilising the sensor pod module. Freshly launched from the Utopia Planetia shipyards, her newly assigned captain, Captain Argus Gar was willing to accept Tanya aboard as Chief Counselor and Alistair as Chief Tactical and Security Officer. While the Nebula Class was not designed with families in mind in the same way that the similarly designed Galaxy Class was, Angela would be more than welcome aboard the ship.


2379-2380 Y-C1.png Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy, Starfleet HQ
2380-2381 Y-C2.png Engineering Cadet Starfleet Academy, Starfleet HQ
2381-2382 Y-C3.png Tactical/Security Cadet Starfleet Academy, Starfleet HQ
2382-2383 Y-C4.png Tactical Cadet Starfleet Academy, Starfleet HQ
2383-2385 Y-O1.png Tactical Officer USS Bellerophon (NCC-74705)
2385 Y-O2.png Tactical Engineering Specialist Jupiter Station/Utopia Planetia Starship Design Adjunct
2385-2386 Y-O2.png Tactical Officer USS Tripoli (NCC-19386)
2386 Y-O3.png Advanced Tactical Training Student Failed to Complete: DOR Starfleet Academy, Starfleet HQ
2386-7 Y-O3.png Visiting Instructor: Tactical Analysis Starfleet Academy,Starfleet HQ
2387-2388 Y-O4.png Chief Tactical Officer Shakedown Cruise USS Sheffield (NCC-79429)
2388 Y-O4.png Project Dragon : Tactical Engineering Specialist Mars Station, Utopia Planetia
2388-2389 Y-O4.png Chief Tactical Officer Shakedown Cruise USS Colussus (NCC-17011-B)
2389 Y-O5.png Visiting Instructor: Tactical Analysis Starfleet Academy, Starfleet HQ
2389-Present Y-O5.png Chief Tactical Officer Shakedown Cruise USS Devonshire (NCC-80131)


Zehram Cochrane High School, New Berlin: General Studies
Tokyo University: Engineering Degree
Starship Design
Tactical Systems
Weapons Engineering

MARTIAL STATUS: Single (Long Term Partner: Tanya Grayson
FATHER: Alistair Fields III, Human (deceased 2357)
MOTHER: Jacqueline Lee-Fields, Human (deceased 2376)
DAUGHTER: Angela Grayson










SPEAK: Federation Standard
READ: Federation Standard
WRITE: Federation Standard


Place of Birth: New Berlin General Hospital, Luna
Identifying Marks: Dark brown hair, usually cut short.
Height: 5 ft. and 11 inches.
Weight: 175 lbs.
Build: Generally athletic
Excerpt from Medical File:...Alistair appears to be in excellent health.
Excerpt from Psychological File: