Alistair S. Pemberton

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Commander Alistair S. Pemberton
Full Name Alistair Samuel Pemberton
Position Executive Officer
USS Athena (NCC-80353)
Species Human
Born 15 June 2347
Homeworld Earth
Status Player Character
Played by Rick van der Velden
Affiliation USS Athena
Actor Alan Rickman


Born to parents that were part of the Geneva-upper class, Alistair was raised with a high regard of etiquette, literature and musicality. Although he had been preparing for a career in law, his future changed when the USS Enterprise-D first encountered the Borg in 2365. The news shocked the world and Alistair felt both anxiety and fear in encountering such an advanced race. He wished to be part of the future developments and joined Starfleet Academy, much to his parents’ disapproval. When the Dominion War ended in 2375, he desired to finally settle down and dedicate himself to diplomacy, for which he resigned his commission and returned to Geneva. His parents introduced him to a marriage-candidate, and even though he resented the idea of ‘arranged marriages’, Alistair got along with Francis so well that the marriage came, eventually.

In the same year, he suffered a great deal of grief when his parents died in a shuttle-accident during a holiday to Risa.

Alistair attended Starfleet Academy in a turbulent time. Not only did the Federation make First Contact with the Borg in the year that he attended the Academy, but his Academy years also saw the development of the versatile Defiant-class, the Battle of Wolf 359 and the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole. After graduating the Academy, Alistair served on the Nova-class USS George Washington as a tactical officer during the first year of the Dominion war and the rising tensions with the Klingon Empire. After the destruction of the USS George Washington Alistair was transferred to the Galaxy class USS Hegel, where he served as deputy chief of tactical for the remainder of the Dominion war.

Having become even more convinced of the necessity of diplomacy in these violent times, Alistair decided to resign from Starfleet in order to dedicate himself to diplomatic studies in his birth town, Geneva, Earth. After his graduation he rejoined Starfleet and served in various diplomatic positions on Earth and on the USS Princeton, a vessel that is regularly used in diplomatic (escort) missions.

In 2386, when he was offered the XO position on the USS Athena, he decided to accept.


2365-2369 Y-C1.png Tactical Cadet Starfleet Academy
2369-2373 Y-O1.png Tactical Officer USS George Washington
2373-2375 Y-O2.png Deputy Chief Tactical Officer USS Hegel
2375-2378 Y-O2.png Civilian - PhD Student Diplomatic Studies - Geneva
2379-2383 R-O3.png Diplomatic Officer Earth
2383-2386 R-O4.png Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Princeton
2386 - R-O5.png Executive Officer USS Athena


Physical data

  • HEIGHT: 1.88m
  • WEIGHT: 86 kg
  • EYE COLOR: Brown
  • HAIR COLOR: Ashen
  • HAIR STYLE: Medium length, wavy
  • PHYSIQUE: Medium build
  • SKIN TONE: Pallor Caucasian
  • DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Has somewhat of a condescending or presumptuous appearance


  • MARITAL STATUS: Married, to Francis (age: 38, biologist on Earth)
  • FATHER: Gregory Pemberton (deceased)
  • MOTHER: Sylvia Pemberton (deceased)


Alistair followed primary and secondary education in Geneva, Earth. He planned to attend Université de Geneva, but decided to join Starfleet instead. He got his PhD degree in diplomacy (history) at this University when he temporarily resigned his commission.

Linguistic Ability

  • Federation standard
  • French
  • Bare minimum of Cardassian


  • LIKES: Exquisite dinners, philosophical discussions, literature and history
  • DISLIKES: Borg, shuttlecraft, bad manners
  • STRENGTHS: Sophisticated, diplomatic adept, capable superior
  • WEAKNESSES: Weak knowledge of engineering/OPS, can have an arrogant appearance
  • QUIRKS: Enjoys horseback riding a few times per week
  • AMBITIONS: A quadrant in which conflict can be solved by diplomacy
  • HOBBIES: Horseback riding, 20th century earth history