Alpha Quadrant

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The Alpha Quadrant is the common designation of the "southwest" quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy, defined by a negative y-axis passing at least near the Sol System.

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Spatial Phenomena

The Alpha Quadrant contains most or all of the Orion, Perseus, and Sagittarius arms of the Milky Way.

It also contains:

Political States and Cultures

In the 24th century, the United Federation of Planets was the largest political state within the Alpha Quadrant. Many of the Federation's member states, including Betazed, Deneva, Bolarus, Trill, and Benzar, are located in the Alpha Quadrant.

The Cardassian Union is another substantial political state within the Alpha Quadrant. Smaller political states in the Alpha Quadrant include the Breen Confederacy, Ferengi Alliance, Talarian Empire, Tholian Assembly, and the Tzenkethi Coalition.

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