Angela Nolan

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Angela Nolan
Full Name Angela Nolan
Alias(es) N/A
Position Chief Science Officer
USS Cambrian
Species Human
Born (2351) (37)
Homeworld Earth
Status Player Character
Played by Mo
Affiliation USS Cambrian



Angela was born in Dublin, Ireland. Her parents were factory workers and for the most part she lived a fairly sheltered existence growing up. She was a solid student and a talented school athlete. She was admired by those that grew up with her.

She had begun work at the factory, like her family, and took note of a Starfleet accomplishment that she found in the local paper. She began wondering if she had the mettle to take on a career in Starfleet and explore far from home.

Her parents and friends were ambivalent about her choice to enter Starfleet. But once in, Angela knew it was a fit. She enjoyed the tasks, the challenges and the unlimited possibilities.

Two years into her Starfleet career, her parents were killed in a factory mishap, leaving Angela with no known relatives. She took a brief leave to deal with family matters and returned to her posting after receiving medical clearance.

The Academy proved a great learning experience and diversion and Angela excelled. She made a great many contacts during her time at the Academy and placed well upon her graduation. She had varied interests in the Academy subjects, and was drawn to colonization, cartography and others. Her abilities to pilot displayed her acumen in that area and led to her eventual posting upon graduation.

After graduation, Angela was posted to the USS Rousseau as an Ensign working in cartography and spent her career with that crew eventually becoming the Chief CONN officer. Several years later she was assigned to the Cambrian. Aboard Rousseau, through exploration and the Dominon War, Angela served confidently and with distinction. The bonds formed on the Rousseau were deep and meaningful.


2369-73 T-blank.png Academy Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
2373-87 T-O3.png Ensign to Lieutenant - Stellar Cartography USS Rousseau
2373-87 Y-O3.png Chief CONN Officer USS Rousseau
2388 T-O3.png Chief Science Officer USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A)

Personal Info

Family Data
FATHER: Deceased
MOTHER: Deceased

Education Attended public school in Dublin and embarked on her Starfleet Academy training at age 18.

Enjoys the outdoors. Art. Loves painting, along with many other mediums. Would love command, but has come to appreciate serving with a talented Senior Staff.

Dislikes bigotry and injustice. Loyal to a fault, industrious and curious. Affable with crew mates. Task-oriented, and would like to take shortcuts at times. Patience not a strong suit. Driven to finish assignments. Opinionated without being abrasive. Decisive.

SPEAK: Federation Standard
READ: Federation Standard
WRITE: Federation Standard


Place of Birth Dublin, Ireland, Earth
Identifying Mark Minor Scarring, Various Locations
Height 5' 6"
Weight 115
Hair - Brown
Eyes - Hazel

Excerpt from Medical File-
Angela Nolan is a grounded Starfleet Officer who is fit for duty. She is quick-witted and amiable. She shows no ill-effects of her long tenure during the war. She is a great representative of Starfleet and any posting would be fortunate to have her in their service.

She is an effective, functioning Starfleet officer and I support her continued service in Starfleet.

Doctor Eruyon Alz Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco