Anthony Wittrock

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Commodore Anthony Wittrock
Academy Graduation 2001
Command School 2006
Birthdate August 24
Location Vancouver, British Columbia; Canada
Contact anthony.wittrock (at) sixth-fleet (dot) com
Status Active Player

Commodore Anthony Wittrock was a Sixth Fleet player between 2006 and the present.

Service Record

Anthony joined Tango Fleet in September 2001 and was first posted aboard the USS Arizona. He would later find posting on the USS Hyperion and the USS Cambrian. Anthony would leave the Arizona and the Hyperion to focus mostly on his character Ensign Ronald Ernest Wittrock aboard the Cambrian. He would join the Lancelot as Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer. In 2004, he would join the USS Bismarck. In 2005, he would leave Tango Fleet altogether.

In 2006, Anthony would rejoin the Sixth Fleet bringing in his independent simulation the USS Frontier (now the USS Oberon) as the first non-original Tango Fleet simulation to join it's successor. Due time constraints he would resign as the Oberon's Game Manager with Daniel Clarkson replacing him. He would return as a player aboard the USS Bismarck, USS Cambrian and various other simulations.

In 2011 former-Commander-in-Chief Graham Thomson would appoint him Task Force Advisor. He served briefly as Executive Officer of Starbase 418 and then the USS Bismarck until former-Commander-in-Chief Nathalie Chapman appointed him Game Manager of Starbase 418 (now Outpost Sierra VI).

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2012-Present R-A1.png Instructor Sixth Fleet Academy
2011-Present R-A1.png Senator Fleet Command Senate
2011-Present R-O6.png Game Manager / Player Outpost Sierra VI
2011-Present Y-A1.png Member Design and Development Bureau
2012-Present R-O4.png Player USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C)


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2011-Present R-O6.png Maxim Laroche Commanding Officer Outpost Sierra VI Active PC
2002-2004 T-O2.png Ronald Ernest Wittrock Counsellor USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-B) Deceased PC
2002-2003 R-O2.png Brent van Groesbeeck Intelligence Analyst USS Cambrian Retired PC
2006-2007 R-O6.png Clifford Crane Commanding Officer USS Frontier Deceased PC
2003-2005 R-O3.png Duncan Gofton Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer USS Lancelot Inactive PC
2012-Present R-O4.png Tymon Wrex Mission Advisor USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C) Active PC

Commendations & Ribbons


CINCDSO.jpg OMS.png MUC.png CStar2.png MCC.png COD.png

Instructor Ribbon.png Intelligence Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg Diplomatic Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg JAG Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg Tactical Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg Counselling Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg Marines Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg