Basil Allsop

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PO1 Basil Allsop
Full Name Basil Allsop
Alias(es) None
Position Boatswain
USS Avalon
Species Iotian Male
Born 2350
Homeworld Sigma Iotia
Status Player Character
Played by Kreg Asay
Affiliation USS Avalon
Actor None.

Petty Officer 1st Class Basil Allsop is an Iotian. Presently serving as Boatswain on the USS Avalon.


Basil was expected to follow his father's and brother's lead and work in the Iotian shipyards, and indeed he started out in that path, but began to realize that it was mostly a dead-end job that would not let him explore his interests, Basil started to look elsewhere for an outlet. He found an old Federation technical journal from 2350's in a waiting room and began to read about the design specs for the Ambassador-class ship and became fascinated! In the back of the book was an ad that caught his eye - Starfleet needs Enlisted Officers! The next day Basil packed his bags and caught the first transport off the planet bound for anywhere.

His first stop was a Federation Starbase at Bolarus where several Starfleet vessels were in docked. He walked up to the most important Starfleet officer he could find, introduced himself as an engineer who wanted to be an Enlisted Officer. The officer, a Commander on the base took him to his office and arranged for a transport to Earth, and even contacted the Academy for him to organize Basil's admission. Within a few months Basil was placed as a MARA technician at Utopia Planetia shipyards. At Utopia he achieved a pilot's grade 2 operating workbees and small passenger transports.

After a year at Utopia Planetia he was transferred to Starbase Tango and was trained as a Structural Engineer working on many of the support vessels, including development of the Valkyrie-class Fighter. While on SBT he gained his pilot's grade 4 as a test pilot on the Valkyrie.

When the USS Dauntless was commissioned he was transferred as an Engineering Technician, and became Engineer's Mate after the ship's shakedown cruise. When the Dauntless was destroyed near the Typhon Expanse Basil was once again assigned as an Structural Engineer, this time at the Bolarus Shipyards until another assignment was made.

In early 2384 he was re-assigned to the USS Swiftsure as Engineering Technician, and remained there until late 2386 when he was once again transferred to the USS Avalon as Boatswain.


2380 Y-E1.png Enlisted in Starfleet Sixth Fleet Academy
2381 Y-E2.png Structural Engineer Starbase Tango
2382 Y-E3.png Engineering Technician USS Dauntless
2383 Y-E4.png Structural Engineer Bolarus Shipyard
2384 Y-E4.png Engineering Technician USS Swiftsure
2385 Y-E5.png Engineering Technician USS Swiftsure
2386 Y-E6.png Boatswain USS Avalon


Physical Appearance
Physique/Build/Frame: Thin
Weight: 125 lbs
Height: 5' 9"
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Tan
Distinguishing Marks: None

Marital Status: Single
Mother: Shari Allsop - Teacher, Sigma Iotia
Father: Bela Allsop – Civilian Engineer, Sigma Iotia Shipyards
Brother: Mardy Allsop - Civilian Engineer, Sigma Iotia Shipyards
Sister: Alicia Allsop - Student, Sigma Iotia


  • To come up with a new non-MARA warp engine.


  • All Iotians have very analytic minds and they can figure out how to use and make/repair mechanical or electronic devices. Simple devices take usually under a day, complex ones up to a month.
  • Qualified as Grade 4 pilot
  • In Engineering, holds specialties in Structural, MARA, Small Electronics, Transporters and Life Support Systems


  • Fighting, and subsequently doesn't get along too well with Marine/Security types.


  • Tinkering with electronic devices to improve (or come up with new uses for) them.


  • Weapons - specifically hand held (phasers, blades, etc...)
  • Klingons (they're always so violent!)


  • Enjoys being in zero-G. Wears an old tweed flatcap when off-duty.


  • Designing small electronic devices, looking over technical schematics, reading engineering journals.


  • Federation Standard
  • Iotian


Tends to avoid 'security' or 'marine' officers. Recommend additional counseling and off-duty contact to alleviate this. Appears to be developing a mild phobia of hand-held weaponry, though oddly ship-based are not affected.
-Lt. Amanda Larkin, Counselor, Starfleet Medical


CitVal.png|HOE.png|Senior Instructor Ribbon.png

2002 - Order of Meritorious Service - (CinC)
2008 - Meritous Unit Citation - (USS Swiftsure)
2008 - Citation of Valour - (USS Swiftsure)
2009 - Captain's Star - (USS Swiftsure)
2009 - Meritous Unit Citation 2nd - (USS Poseidon)
2010 - Honor of Excellence - (USS Poseidon)
1998-2008 - Tango Fleet / 6th Fleet Instructor (100+ graduated cadets)