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Commander Brad Harris
Academy Graduation 2011
Command School 2012
Birthdate February 25
Location Tucson, Arizona, USA
Contact brad.harris [at] sixth-fleet [dot] co [dot] uk
Status Inactive Player

Commander Brad Harris was a Sixth Fleet player between 2011 and 2013.

Service Record

Though Brad joined Sixth Fleet in April, 2011, he is no stranger to simming. Having joined the United Interstellar Planets (UIP) in 1997, he rose through the organization's ranks to serve as its CinC from 2000-2005. After retiring from the position -- and simming altogether -- Brad would not return to Star Trek roleplaying until 2011, when he found Sixth Fleet through a web search. Upon joining the organization, he was placed on the USS Lancelot as its new Chief Engineer, Bearis 8. He served well for several months and, after being promoted to Lieutenant Commander, Brad enrolled in Command School. Upon completion of the Command program, Brad was appointed as the new executive officer of Outpost Sierra VI, under the character of Jorden Behr.

Brad continued to serve as the Lancelot's Chief Engineer until his character was killed in the line of duty in May, 2012. He then went on to serve as Acting Assistant Chief Engineer Debbie Gless. As the XO of Outpost Sierra VI, Brad has helped the sim to become one of the most successful games in Sixth Fleet's current offerings. After being awarded the Starfleet Star by Brett Gann, the CinC at the time, Brad went on to propose the creation of the Department of Simulation Support and see it adopted by the voting members of the Senate. Brett then appointed Brad as the Chief of Simulation Support, where he remained until early 2013.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2012-2013 R-O5.png Chief of Simulation Support Department of Simulation Support
2012-2013 R-O5.png Executive Officer Outpost Sierra VI
2012-2013 R-O5.png Senator Fleet Command Senate
2011-2013 Y-O3.png Assistant Chief Engineer USS Lancelot


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2012-2013 R-O5.png Jorden Behr Executive Officer Outpost Sierra VI Active PC
2011-2012 Y-O4.png Bearis 8 Chief Engineer USS Lancelot Deceased PC
2012- 2013 Y-O3.png Debbie Gless Assistant Chief Engineer USS Lancelot Active PC

Commendations & Ribbons


SSTAR.png CommandSRibbon.png Academy Award.jpg MUC.png DOG.png LOH.png