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Full Name Bru’Kh
Alias(es) None
Position Task Group Engineer

USS Axanar

Species Tellarite Male
Born March 12, 2319
Homeworld Tellar
Status Player Character
Played by Kreg Asay
Affiliation USS Axanar (NCC-92701)
Actor None.

Master Chief Bru'Kh is a Tellarite, former senior instructor at 6th Fleet Academy. Until recently he has been Construction Master Chief at the Mandukar Moonbase in the Farlong Reefs; but presently he has been assigned as Task Group Engineer on the USS Axanar.


Bru'Kh enjoyed a typical Tellarite youth with childhood toys that included sets of tools and small electronic gadgets. In primary school he learned debate skills, and his Engineering aptitude started to emerge. Upon completion of primary school he was enrolled in Engineering School to enhance his skills, then the famed Engineering Upperschool.

Upon graduation he enlisted in Starfleet as a Non-Commissioned Officer and was assigned to the Clarke-class USS Faulkner as Engineering Technician, and would eventually gain a specialization in Transporters. During this time the Faulkner was operating as a Diplomatic Transport ship to Cardassia.

The Faulkner underwent upgrade to Sagan-class in 2350, and upon completion Bru'Kh was assigned as Transporter Chief. The Ship was assigned to exploration of the Cardassian border areas, and the same year discovered the area of space later termed the "Badlands", He rose to Engineer's Mate in 2354 just before the Faulkner makes first contact with a race known as the "Sheliak".

He left the Faulkner in 2360 to study Holographic Systems, and Structural Systems at Utopia Planetia, and received a specialization in both. He was then assigned to Starbase Tango during it's final construction and placement in the Eta Tauri system.

After ten years on Starbase Tango he accepted a position at the Academy as an Engineering Instructor where he would spend the next 9 years. Although work at the Academy was fulfilling, it lacked excitement. Bru'kh put in for a transfer to the Perseus Operation and was accepted as Asst. Chief Engineer on the USS Poseidon.

The stay in the Outer Perseus proved to be somewhat short when in June of 2386 the Poseidon's crew was rotated out of the Perseus Arm to be reassigned. Due to his previous shipyard experience Bru'kh accepted assignment to the Mandukar Moonbase in the Farlong Reefs.


2345 Y-E1.png Enlisted in Starfleet Sixth Fleet Academy
2345-46 Y-E2.png Engineering Tech. USS Faulkner
2346-50 Y-E3.png Transporter Tech. USS Faulkner
2350-54 Y-E4.png Transporter Spec. USS Faulkner
2354-60 Y-E5.png Engineer's Mate USS Faulkner
2360-65 Y-E6.png Holographic System Design Utopia Planetia
2365-70 Y-E7.png Logistics & Supply (Materials) Officer Starbase Tango
2370-75 Y-E8.png Logistics & Supply (Materials) Officer Starbase Tango
2375-84 Y-E9.png Engineering Instructor Starfleet Academy
2384-2386 Y-E9.png Asst. Chief Engineer USS Poseidon
2386-2387 Y-E9.png Asst. Chief Engineer USS Avalon
2387-2388 Y-E9.png Chief Engineer USS Avalon
2388-2391 Y-E9.png Construction Master Chief Mandukar Moonbase, Farlong Reefs


Physical Appearance
Physique/Build/Frame: Pudgy / heavyset
Weight: 225 lbs
Height: 5' 6"
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Red/Brown (covering 2/3rds of body in varying thickness)
Skin Tone: Tan
Distinguishing Marks: Porcine like appearance; wide upturned nose, slightly sunken-in eyes, heavyset build. Cloven 'hoof-like' soft feet, 3 fingered hands.

Marital Status: Widowed
Son: Korvar (44) – Theoretical Propulsion Group Engineer, Utopia Planetia
Son: Rivak (39) – Metallurgical Physicist, Tellarite Engineering Upperschool

Special Abilities
Able to sense approximate speed of vessel by 'feel' of deck vibrations (doesn't work in all areas of vessel).

Natural teacher – will rarely pass up on an opportunity to impart knowledge to others. Transporter System Specialization, Holographic Systems Specialization, Structural Specialization.

Typical Tellarite argumentative nature.

Food & Drink, discussing Engineering subjects, willing to argue / debate nearly any topic (and may even switch sides to provide different viewpoints).

Unwavering opinions

Mumbles when deeply in thought.

Tinkers with small electronics, collects unusual small Engineering tools/devices.




CitVal.png|HOE.png|Senior Instructor Ribbon.png

2002 - Order of Meritorious Service - (CinC)
2008 - Meritous Unit Citation - (USS Swiftsure)
2008 - Citation of Valour - (USS Swiftsure)
2009 - Captain's Star - (USS Swiftsure)
2009 - Meritous Unit Citation 2nd - (USS Poseidon)
2010 - Honor of Excellence - (USS Poseidon)
1998-2008 - Tango Fleet / 6th Fleet Instructor (100+ graduated cadets)