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Major Caleb Cameron
Full Name Caleb Liam Cameron, PhD MD PhD
Alias(es) Cal, Cam
Position Strategic Security Commander
and Second Officer
USS Oberon (NCC-80111)
Species El-Aurian Male
Born 11th December 2160 (Age 226)
Zürich, Switzerland
Homeworld Earth
Status Player Character
Played by James Slattery
Affiliation USS Oberon, Hurucan Sector
Actor Ben Browder

Caleb is the current Strategic Security Commander aboard the Luna-class USS Oberon (NCC-80111), leading the Security, Tactical, Marine and Intelligence Departments. In addition he serves as the ships second officer.


Early Years

A 10 year old Caleb.

Born in Zürich, Caleb's parents had changed their names when they moved to Earth to blend in, even though El-Aurians were known at the time. His father Ben was a career marine, reaching the rank of Major General before retiring and traveling around the Federation with his wife. Katherine was a civilian astrophysicist, she worked with Starfleet as a consultant as well as at several other scientific institutions. Following their retirement, they got a ship and are currently traveling around the Federation on the SS Geneva, a Raven Class starship.

Caleb and his older brother were both born and raised in Zürich, they both excelled in many fields like sports, academics and their personal lives. During his school years Caleb displayed a great aptitude for Sciences, but often slacked off and didn't live up to his potential. He often choice to hang out with friends or play sports as opposed to studying and applying himself to his schoolwork. Regardless of his easy going nature he still managed to graduate High School with Honors. His out going nature served him well and he made friends easily and was popular.

Time on the Prelavar
While his younger brother Jonathan joined Starfleet when he was 20, and while Caleb could easily have easily been accepted, he decided to join a civilian Freighter, the SS Prelavar, instead. The Prelavar was a ship chartered by the Federation, its Commanding Officer, Captain Mar'trak, ran the ship with military precision, often utilizing a provisional ranking structure.

Doctor Cameron while serving in in Sweden.

Caleb started on the ship as a pilot, requiring little more then a quick crash course to pick up the basics and start flying the ship during its rather uneventful cargo runs. After 5 years as a Provisional Lieutenant and the ships Pilot he was made the vessels First Officer, in addition to remaining its Chief Pilot. While most would consider such a career boring and uneventful Caleb found it to be a unique experience. It allowed him to become familiar with the basics of Spaceship operations, the basics of Command and allowed him to see parts of the Federation most Starfleet Officers never did.

5 years after taking over as First Officer the ship was ordered to be decommissioned, age was taking its toll and its was easier to decommission it then to try retrofit it to continue to serve it's purpose. With his experience he could have easily found a place on another freighter but opted for a change of pace. His older brother, John who had served a full career, retired after 30 years in Starfleet. Working off and on as a civilian consultant with Starfleet Intelligence on an on-again-off-again basis.

Post Prelavar, Pre Starfleet

Cameron while he was XO of the Prelavar.

For the next 85 odd years Caleb worked in various capacities across the known areas of space. A short lived career as an amateur Parrises Squares Player gave way to a more academic and scientific life, finally embracing the 'potential' many saw in his youth. Returning to Earth he earned a Bachelors and Masters of Science with Distinctions, specialized in Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry from Oxford University. From here he was accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy where he completed his Doctorate of Science, specialized in Biochemistry. Cameron had a promising Science or Medicine Career and returned to Earth, earning his Doctorate of Medicine specialized in Immunology and Infectious Disease from the University of Edinburgh. Following the completion of his Medical Schooling he completed his Internship and Residency at Seattle Grace in North America.

After becoming a Board Certified Physician he served as an Immunology and Infection Specialist at a Starfleet Medical Center in Sweden and later his home country of Switzerland. Over the course of a 20 year Medical Career Cameron had risen to the Head of his Specialty. Medicine however held less of the appeal it had, so Caleb resigned and moved to Trill. He completed a second Masters level Science Degree, in the field of Astrophysics from the Trill Science Ministry. He did some basic research but found the work to lack an overall challenge. So in 2277 Cameron went out seeking a new challenge and wondered into a Starfleet Recruiting office, at 117 he enlisted in the Starfleet Marine Corps, ignoring his full credentials of BSc, MSc, MSc, PhD, MD.

First Starfleet Career

Cameron in his fighter.

Cameron trained at Portsmouth Marine Base, in England, training for two years to complete both his basic training and flight training. From here he was assigned as a Fighter Pilot in the 5th Tactical Fighter Wing as Lance Corporal. In 2288 he had risen to the rank of Sergeant as a Flight Leader, his Squadron was involved in the defense of the Atlantis Weapons Development and Testing Station, a research outpost over the northern continent of a planet several thousand light years from Earth. The post was where Starfleet was working on testing several new weapons platforms. While they won the battle Cameron's fighter was shot down, his co-pilot died and he spent the next year in recovery at Landstuhl Hospital in Germany.

Cameron’s recovery was hard, but he pushed himself, but was still patient, knowing that while it may take time he refused to give up. In 2289 he finally was able to return to duty, despite scaring on his leg where they had to put in several titanium pin. He managed to regain the use of his legs which original exams though he would never be able to use, if he even managed to keep them. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant and made the Squadron XO of the first Squadron of 5th Wing, following the battle that nearly took his legs, the 2nd Squadron had been broken apart due to most of it being too damaged or destroyed. Further more he was awarded a Starfleet Star for his actions.

Cameron on Sigma Librae II.

It was during these years he meet and later married William Nash, a fellow fighter pilot in 1st Squadron. But after 10 years together, 7 of these married the two divorced, realizing that Caleb's overly laid back and sometimes apathetic nature clashed too much with Will's very emotional nature. The two remained good friends until Will died of natural causes in 2350.

By 2300 Cameron had risen to Master Sergeant and serving as a Squadron Commander. Like serving on Freighter, Being a Doctor, and Theoretical Astrophysics Cameron soon began to tire of this life, so he retired and looked for the next challenge.

For the next 70 years Cameron roamed the Galaxy working the odd job as a consultant for Starfleet and trying his hand at a wide range of jobs. Included on his resume of past experience were several years as a High School Science Teacher, a Courier Pilot, and a decade as an Emergency Room Trauma Surgeon.

He also completed a further three Masters Degrees in this time, in Engineering, Exobiology and Stellar Chemistry, as well as his third Doctorate level degree, his Doctorate of Science in Astrophysics. None of these held his interest for more then a few years, a decade tops. So when Starfleet discovered the Bajoran Wormhole, opening up a new frontier to explore it served as the motivation to return to Starfleet.

Second Starfleet Career

Cameron with the Oberon's CO in the messhall.

After going the enlisted route last time Cameron opted for Officer training this time around, he was easily accepted into the Academy and, like everyone, spent his first year in General Studies. A great deal of time was spent contemplating exactly what he wanted to do with his career, he had two Science Doctorates and half a dozen masters degrees. He was a double board certified Medical Doctor, a pilot with more experience then half the helmsman in Starfleet and had become a reasonable negotiator over the years. However none of them seemed to bring the same feelings of excitement and nostalgia as the Marines.

So in his second year he transferred the marines, easily falling back into his old training. Basic infantry and combat however didn’t present the challenge he seeked. So in his third year he transferred to the Intelligence stream, he had learned the basics before and this seemed to give him the challenge he had chased for two centuries. Strict Intelligence left him missing the marines so his fourth year had him specializing in Marine Intelligence.

Cameron during the Dominion War.

Emerging from the Academy 200 years older than his fellow graduates Cameron's experience and training let him excel quickly. Racing up the chain of Command within two years he had risen to the rank of Captain. His first two years were spent as a Platoon Commander for 1 Platoon, Delta Company, 3 Battalion, 2 Regiment, 4th Brigade of 9th Division. He also worked as the Companies Intelligence Officer. His first year was spent on a variety of assignments during the Dominion War. Mostly as basic Infantry and Combat Support.

Post war the Battalion, like many received extended leave followed by training at Camp Pendleton on Earth. Most of the Enlisted man had been fast tracked to be rushed into combat , needing to be given a more complete skill set. However in early 2376 Starfleet Intelligence requested him for a Covert Ops mission. Intrigued, like always, by the new option he quickly accepted and was deployed.

He basically dropped off the grid and even now, the details of the mission remain classified. In 2378 he reappeared on the grid, as a Major and Tactical Advisor for Deep Space 8. Two years were spent in this capacity until in 2380 the first black mark was made on what had been an impressive career. Cameron disobeyed orders; it resulted in the destruction of a Cardassian Freighter. However the following investigation proved that Cameron's belief was right, the vessel had been transporting illegal weapons, including biological weapons and what could be used to engineer subspace weapons. Regardless the stations commander was still pissed and refused to retract his orders for Cameron’s demotion. So Captain Caleb Cameron was reassigned as the Recon Platoon Commander aboard Starbase 470.

Four years later he had returned to the rank of Major and assigned as the platoon commander aboard the USS Saturn, a Prometheus-class vessel. His time here was short lived, within only a few months he was assigned as the Chief Intelligence Officer aboard the Luna-class USS Oberon during its time in the Hurucan Sector.

After the mission to the Rouge Planet, we he took part in the bloody and unsuccessful first contact with the species now called Raptors on the rouge planet near the edge of the Sigma Librae system Cameron took on the additional duties of Strategic Security Commander. The next mission of the Oberon involved it losing power while in orbit of a Gas Super Giant. When the ship lost power Cameron found himself stranded in Engineering, and utterly out of his element. However he found himself the ranking officer and took command of the situation. He worked with the Engineers and they were able to make it to the shuttle bay and get the warp cores from shuttle hooked into the ships power. This managed to help stave off the power loss while the rest of the Engineering staff were able to get main power online.

In 2386 he was made Strategic Security Commander, with Intelligence being integrated into StratSec. He was also made the ships second officer.


Pre Starfleet - Federation Freighter Service (2180 - 2177)

Years Rank Position Posting
2180 - 2185 W-blank.pngW-blank-2.png Pilot SS Prelavar
Civilian Freighter
2185 - 2195 W-blank.pngW-blank-2.png Pilot / Executive Officer SS Prelavar
Civilian Freighter
2195 - 2177 W-blank.pngW-blank-2.png Federation Civilian

First Starfleet Career (2277 - 2300)

Years Rank Position Posting
2277 - 2278 G-E1.pngG-blank-2.png Boot Camp Portsmouth Marine Base, England
2278 - 2279 G-E2.pngG-blank-2.png Flight Training Portsmouth Marine Base, England
2279 - 2282 G-E3.pngG-blank-2.png Fighter Pilot Blue 2 2nd Squadron, 5th Tactical Fighter Wing
2282 - 2285 G-E4.pngG-blank-2.png Flight Leader, Fighter Pilot Blue 1 2nd Squadron, 5th Tactical Fighter Wing
2285 - 2288 G-E5.pngG-blank-2.png Flight Leader, Fighter Pilot Blue 1 2nd Squadron, 5th Tactical Fighter Wing
2288 - 2289 G-E5.pngG-blank-2.png Medical Recovery Landstuhl Hospital, Landstuhl Germany
2289 - 2292 G-E6.pngG-blank-2.png Squadron 2IC, Fighter Pilot Green 1 1st Squadron, 5th Tactical Fighter Wing
2292 - 2297 G-E7.pngG-blank-2.png Squadron Leader, Fighter Pilot Red 1 1st Squadron, 5th Tactical Fighter Wing
2287 - 2300 G-E8.pngG-blank-2.png Squadron Leader, Fighter Pilot Red 1 1st Squadron, 5th Tactical Fighter Wing

Civilian Life and Second Starfleet Career (2300 - Present)

Years Rank Position Posting
2300 - 2370 W-Blank.pngW-blank-2.png Retired From Starfleet
Federation Civilian
2370 - 2371 R-C1.pngR-C-Blank-2.png General Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy,
Earth Campus
2371 - 2372 G-CY2.pngG-C-Blank-2.png Marine Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy,
Earth Campus
2372 - 2373 G-CY3.pngG-C-Blank-2.png Intelligence Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy,
Earth Campus
2373 - 2374 G-CY4.pngG-C-Blank-2.png Intelligence Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy,
Earth Campus
2374 - 2375 G-O1.pngG-blank-2.png Platoon Commander 1 Platoon, Delta Company, 3 Battalion,
2nd Regiment, 9th Division
2375 - 2376 G-O2.pngG-blank-2.png Platoon Commander 1 Platoon, Delta Company, 3 Battalion,
2nd Regiment, 9th Division
2376 - 2378 B-MO3.pngB-blank-2.png Classified
2378 - 2380 G-O4.pngG-blank-2.png Tactical Advisor Deep Space 8
Regula Class
2380 - 2382 G-O3.pngG-blank-2.png Platoon Commander - Recon Platoon Starbase 470
Regula Class
2382 - 2384 G-O4.pngG-blank-2.png Platoon Commander - Recon Platoon Starbase 470
Regula Class
2384 - 2385 G-O4.pngG-blank-2.png Platoon Commander USS Saturn (NCC-2822-B)
Prometheus Class
2385 - 2386 G-O4.pngG-blank-2.png Chief Intelligence Officer
Acting Strategic Security Commander
USS Oberon (NCC-80111)
Luna Class
2385 - Pres G-O4.pngG-blank-2.png Strategic Security Commander
Second Officer
USS Oberon (NCC-80111)
Luna Class


Cameron at the time he was assigned to the USS Saturn.

Known Languages

  • Federation Standard
  • Swedish (Terran)
  • El-Aurian
  • Klingon
  • Romulan
  • Cardassian



  • Primary Education:
    • Maxwell Forrest Elementary School - Zürich, Switzerland
  • Secondary Education:
    • Lindenhof High School - Zürich, Switzerland
  • Post Secondary Education:
    • Bachelor of Science - Oxford University
    • Masters of Science (Specialized in Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry) - Oxford University
    • Doctorate of Science (Specialized in Biochemistry) - Vulcan Science Academy
    • Doctorate of Medicine (Specialized in Immunology and Infection Disease) - University of Edinburgh
    • Master of Science (Specialized in Astrophysics) - Trill Science Ministry
    • Masters of Engineering (Specialized in Biomedical Engineering) - University of California, Berkeley
    • Doctorate of Science (Specialized in Astrophysics) - Trill Science Ministry
    • Masters of Science (Specialized in Exobiology) - Betazed University
    • Masters of Science (Specialized in Stellar Chemistry) - University of Technology Zurich

Starfleet Training

  • Primary Field: Intelligence
    • Specialization: Counter Intelligence and Strategic Intelligence
  • Secondary Field: Marine Small Unit Operations

Very Observant, Cool Under Pressure, Keen mind and a sharp memory.

Procrastinates, Especially with paper work. Has problems dealing with the Borg.

Always wears his dog tags, that have both his enlisted and current sets. Sleeps with a phaser under his pillow. Doesn't speak to anyone before his first cup of coffee in the morning.

Hobbies & Interests
Reading, Chess, Flying, Yoga, Kal-Toh.

Coffee, Running, Reading, Flying.

The Borg, Impatient and Pushy People.



Physical Appearance

  • Height: 1.98 m
  • Weight: 110 kg
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian
Caleb on a motorcycle during shoreleave, a hobbie that has caused him then one injury over the years.

Physical Description
Cameron is well built and muscular and knows his body well. He has several tattoos including the Starfleet Marine Corps Insgina tattoed on left shoulder. He also has predominate scaring on his left leg where it was serious injured, it still contains a Titanium pin from the accident. As well, due to his age and line of work he has a multitude of scars ranging in size, shape and colour across his body.

Medical Report Extract

"...Sergeant Cameron is currently in surgery. When his fighter was shot down he suffered sever damage to his legs as well as the rest of his body. While he's out of the woods in terms of actually surviving, he will likely have sever damage to his legs and likely never be able to walk on his own again, if he even manages to keep them. He's looking at a long hard recovery. He'll be in surgery for the next 8 hours or more..."
Doctor Caroline Michaelchuck, Lieutenant - Medical Officer
Atlantis Weapons Development and Testing Station

"...Cameron is been moved to recover. His surgeries are over but he's going to be taking a hard long recovery. We had to use several titanium pins in his left leg. As soon as he wakes up we'll get him ready to transfer to Landstuhl for recovery..."
Doctor Arnold Daniels, Commander - Chief Surgeon
Atlantis Weapons Development and Testing Station

"...Caleb's recovery is going exceedingly well, originally they figured his legs would be useless if he even kept them. He is already beginning to be able to walk with aids. It seams odd that as an older El-Aurian he's very patient but at the same time is pushing himself very hard. He's also refusing to have use give him a replacement knee, as such he's going to have at least one of the Titanium pins left in..."
Doctor Jamie Martason, Lieutenant - Medical Officer
Medical Recovery, Landstuhl Hospital

"...Caleb has been released, he is recovered and walking on his own, he's already accepted a promotion and after passing testing he'll be back on active duty..."
Doctor Mark Welling, Commander - Chief of Medical Release Evaluations
Medical Recovery, Landstuhl Hospital

"... Lieutenant Cameron was caught in an Antimatter explosion and has suffered sever burns as well as a broken arm and three fractured ribs. He is in recovery now but will have some scaring across his chest, back and arms..."
Doctor Tory Hardcastle, Major - Chief Medical Officer
3rd Battalion, 2nd Regiment, 4th Brigade, 9th Division

Psychological Report Extract

"...Caleb has come through his ordeal rather well. While he seems to be, like many El-Aurians more of a Counselor than the consoled but he is handled it well. He's cleared to return to duty..."
Judy Talmarta, Commander - Head Evaluations Counselor
Medical Recovery, Landstuhl Hospital




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