Cambrian - Cascade

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The mission began with orders for a routine patrol of the Neutral Zone, but was quickly sidetracked by a call from a Klingon Freighter in need of Engineering assistance. Before they had even moved to aid the Klingons they detected the ship was involved in a dangerous ion cascade. After the initial distress call they are unable to contact the Klingons again. On the way to the Klingon ship another ship approaches the Cambrian. It is the personal craft of Captain Kiera Adams and family. Captain Adams is assigned to the Cambrian for an as yet undisclosed purpose while her husband is assigned to the Marine detachment. After a staff meeting it is decided that a small away team should beam to the ship, the XO leading the team consisting of Lt. Parsons, Lt. Heinz. After reaching the ship in Hazmat suits, the three proceed to Engineering to determine the cause of the cascade. Upon reaching Engineering Parsons and T'vor began to investigate the warp drive, and Heinz went to the bridge to see if she could determine the cause of the silence from the Klingons.

The cause of the cascade was determined to be an experimental warp drive that had not been installed properly. Lt. Parsons was not able to disable the system without risking the destruction of the ship, even though its destruction was imminent. Lt. T'vor ordered the evacuation of the ship, and as Lt. Heinz was closer to the beam out point she was clear within a few minutes. T'vor and Parsons began the return trip when they ran into a Kingon officer, the only survivor based on his only statement as he passed out.

As the two returned to the beam out points an explosion of an EPS conduit hit Parsons. She was heavily injured but was able to continue for a few more feet. As she clung to the wall for support she heard the whine of an explosion building behind the wall calling for T'vor to stay clear. The warning was perhaps the only thing that saved T'vor and the Klingon, but it was the end for Lieutenant Parsons. She was unable to be recovered from the Freighter as the warp core was going critical.

The Klingon has yet to regain consciousness, but hopefully he will be able to provide some answers to the questions that circle the whole mission. Until then the Cambrian has returned to Sigma Librae to collect their new crew members.