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The Cardassian Union has been the most unstable of the Alpha Quadrant powers. Long ago, the Cardassians were peaceful, spiritual people. They collected some of the best works of art in the entire Alpha Quadrant, along with Jewels and other treasures, and it was home to many legendary ruins and treasures, but the planet itself was devoid of natural resources. Within years, the population was starving to death and disease was rampant. There seemed to be no end to the suffering. The Military seized control and within a few short years nearby planets were being stripped of their resources to send back to Cardassia.

  • Description: Reptillian, Bipedal
  • Size: Medium
  • Skin Pigment: Gold/Tan
  • Hair: Black
  • Series: TNG, DS9
  • Planet of Origin: Cardassia Prime
  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Distinguishing Features: Extensive facial ridges. "Square" look to face. Bony ridges along sides of neck.