Carter Schimpff

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Carter Schimpff
Fleet Rank W-A1.pngW-A1-2.png
Academy Graduation 2001
Command School Undetermined
Birthdate Undetermined
Location USA
E-Mail Undetermined

Career Summary

Carter Schimpff, also known as 'the C-man' joined Tango Fleet in 2001 and was instrumental as Commander-in-Chief in the transition to Sixth Fleet.

Infamous for playing Commander Hoth, Chief of Security aboard the USS Edison, but not as infamous as for the stunts he pulled on poor Lieutenant Scott Donnelly while aboard.

It should be noted that during a very difficult time and under considerable pressure, Carter stepped up and helped shepherd us into a new era of prosperity. Look at how far we have come people, And a great deal of that is because of Carter.

Characters and Positions

Active Characters
None None None None
OOC Positions
R-A5.png Former Commander-in-Chief Retired
Inactive Characters
Y-O5.png Hoth Chief of Security USS Edison


  • Year - Commendation - Sim