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There are three basic levels of commendations. Although some commendations are more distinguished than others, these levels are merely a means by which to distinguish which commendations are awarded by certain levels of fleet brass. These levels do not indicate which commendations are more distinguished than others.

The Sixth Fleet Commendations Database also includes special service ribbons for particular conflicts or accolades.

  • Sixth Fleet Academy Ribbons are worn by active and retired instructors, administrators of the Academy, and deserving Cadets. They are granted and awarded on the authority of the Academy Commandant.
  • Player Discretion Ribbons are ribbons that can be used for character bio's. They help to display a character's history and expertise, and should be used responsibly.
  • Sim Specific Ribbons are given only to players of specific sims by their GM. Certain requirements must be met to achieve these awards.

For those who want to display your ribbons in Ribbon Rack format, there is now an Order of Precedence to adhere to. Follow the instructions contained in the linked page for displaying your ribbons.


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