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Centaur Class Starship
Classification Frigate
Role Defense / Patrol / Escort
Shipyards None - Production run ended
Production Dates 2325-2342
Standard Refit 2 Years
Recommended Overhaul 10 Years
Hull Duranium-Tritanium Double Hull
Armor None
Length 318.87 meters
Beam (width 320.16 meters
Draft (height) 78.54 meters
Displacement 870,000 Metric Tons
Decks 16 at ~3.75 m/deck
Structural Integrity Field Class 4 (40 Kg/Cm Hull Stress Rating)
Size Category 10
Personnel Systems
Crew Compliment 315 (average)
Officers 75
Enlisted 240
Civilian 0
Evacuation Limit 3,600
  • (45) 4 person shared
  • (45) 2 person shared
  • (30) standard
  • (15) luxury
  • 50% (of above) are adaptable
Medical Facilities Type 5, No EMH
  • Basic Life Support System,
  • Reserve Life Support System
  • Emergency Life Support System
  • Artificial Gravity Generators
  • 5 years replicator stock (used for ship resupply)
  • 5 years fuel (matter/antimatter)
Diplomatic Facilities Class 3
  • Personal: (1) in each luxury quarters, messhall/lounge, bridge and departmental offices.
  • Industrial: (15) small, (3) large
includes Diplomatic Facilities
  • Mess Halls
  • Gymnasium
  • Main/Small lounges
  • Observation lounges
  • Recreation Deck
Security Facilities Class 3
  • Brig cells
  • Force fields
  • Sedative gas
  • Weapons Lockers
  • Autodestruct
Personal Transporters
  • (3) Type 6/F - 6-pad, Range 35,000 KM
  • (6) Type 6/F - 3-pad Range 35,000 KM
Cargo Transporter (2) 5-meter pads, Type 3/F - 400 kg, Range 20,000 KM
Cargo Holds (66,000 Cubic Meters total)
Propulsion & Power Systems
Warp Nacelles Class 15 Warp Coils (16/nacelle), High Class Injectors
Warp Ratings
  • Cruise: Warp 6.1
  • Max: Warp 8.1 (24 hrs)
  • Emergency: Warp 9.07 (12 hrs)
MARA Power Cores (1) Utopia TPG Class 11/M (540 TJ / Second)
Impulse Engines
  • (2) Class 8/E (390 GJ / Second)
RCS Thrusters
  • Trentis Mk.VI - 77,000,000 newtons thrust
Auxiliary Power (4) Class 4/E Fusion Generators (190 GJ / Second each)
Emergency Power (12) Class 2/E Micro-Fusion Generators (.9 MJ / Second each)
EPS System High, minimum 95% Base Efficiency
Total Power Output 514.47 TeraJoules / Second
Operations Systems
Bridge Module Large, Excelsior Type
Auxiliary Control type / Main Engineering
Separation System Emergency or other
Flight Control Standard Isolinear Autopilot
  • Hold steady on long range course (20 LY)
  • Sounds alert if problems detected
  • Suggests adjustments to course based on obstacles
  • CONN must approve changes
Navigation Deflector Class 5 - Ranges: Main 2 LY / Aux 1 LY
Communications Class 8/Gamma
  • (14) Multi-purpose labs
  • (2) Specialized labs (Medical, Stellar Cartography)
Computers Total Capacity: 34,613 KiloQuads
  • Navigation: Isolinear - 2 Modules
  • Primary: Isolinear - 25 Modules
  • Secondary: Isolinear - 25 Modules
  • Tertiary: Isolinear - 0 Modules
Sensors Class 6/Alpha
  • High Resolution: 3.675 LY
  • Lateral: 7.35 LY
  • Navigation: 8.925 LY, 12 degree focus
  • Low Resolution: 15.75 LY
Probes 40 (mixed class)
Tractor Beams
  • (2) Gamma Class (Fore/Aft Ventral)
  • (1) Alpha Class (Shuttlebays)
Stealth Technology None
Tactical Systems
Phasers (11) Type IX Arrays
Phaser Output 55,000 GigaJoules
Torpedo Launchers (4) Type II Photon Launchers
Torpedo Type / Amount (120) Mk. V Photon
Shields Eta 6/C Class
Shield Emitters (200) overlapping coverage
Shield Recharge Rate Type 4 (4 TJ / Second)
Shield Rating 343.75 TeraJoules
Auxiliary Systems
Escape Pods 180 (4 person pods)
  • (1) Main: Saucer Forward - capacity for 12 warp-capable shuttles & 5 shuttlepods (or equiv.size)
Shuttles (2) standard warp-capable
Fighters (10) Fighters
Runabouts (0) Various Class
Shuttlepods (4) Shuttlepods
Utility Craft (5) Sphinx-class Workbees
Captain's Yacht None
Shuttle Exchanges
  • Warp Capable Shuttles may be traded for Fighters or Runabouts at an exchange of 4 shuttles per Fighter/Runabout.
  • Shuttlepods may be traded for Fighters or Runabouts at an exchange of 6 pods per Fighter/Runabout.

The Centaur class is the descendant of multiple designs; but is closely related to the Ptolemy Class transport. The Centaur utilizes the Excelsior Class saucer, attached to an enlarged rollbar and weapons pod from a Miranda which was modular depending on mission.



Conceived in the 2290's, the Centaur was a forerunner of the later Saber and Steamrunner classes. Intended to operate alongside the Ambassador, Excelsior and Miranda classes, the Centaurs where to act in the role of escort and conduct general support missions during fleet actions. They where designed to be very small and agile, and as a result the Centaur has significant weaponry for it's size, and a relatively poor science and diplomatic function. This prevented it from being used regularly on long duration missions.

Intended to replace the aging Miranda Class and it's variants, although the ships performed well, it was more economical to refit the existing Miranda-class ships. The Centaur Class continued to serve in the fleet in small numbers, and is very effective in combat.

The Centaur has proved popular with her crews, but these ships are now nearing the end of their service lives and are due to begin retirement. However, the Centaur class has been heavily involved in the Dominion War. It is therefore unlikely that any of these ships will actually be retired prior to the end of the war, unless serious age related problems begin to appear.

Known Vessels of this class

Name Registration Status
USS Centaur NCC-42043 Upgraded
USS Chiron NCC-42044 Upgraded
USS Buckner NCC-42045 Upgraded
USS Carolina NCC-42050 Upgraded
USS Madrid NCC-42059 Upgraded
USS Boston NCC-42076 Upgraded

Deck Listing

Deck 1 Bridge, Captain's Ready Room
Deck 2 Captain's Quarters, Senior Officer's Quarters, Briefing room
Deck 3 Transporter room 1, Senior Officer's Quarters, Computer Cores
Deck 4 Shuttlebay (upper), Computer Cores, Cargo bays
Deck 5 Shuttlebay (lower), Shuttle Maintenance, Computer Cores
Deck 6 Crew quarters, Lounge (Forward facing)
Deck 7 Sickbay, Main Security, Armoury, Science Labs
Deck 8 Departmental Offices, Transporter room 2, Astrometrics lab
Deck 9 Main Engineering
Deck 10 Main Engineering
Deck 11 Antimatter Storage
Deck 12 Waste Recycling
Deck 13 Torpedo Storage
Deck 14 Torpedo Launchers
Deck 15 Torpedo Launchers
Deck 16 Ventral Tractor Array


  • Movie
  • DS9:
    • "A Time to Stand"
    • "Behind the Lines"
    • "Sacrifice of Angels"
  • Books:
    • Star Trek - The Fall: Peaceable Kingdoms
    • DS9 novelization: Call to Arms
    • DS9 novelization: Sacrifice of Angels
    • Star Trek: A Singular Destiny
  • Video Game:
    • Star Trek Legacy


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