Colin Rettammel

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Ensign Colin Rettammel
Academy Graduation 2014
Command School Na
Birthdate Na
Location USA
Contact colin.rettammel (at) gmail (dot) com
Status Active Player

Captain Brett Gann was a Sixth Fleet player between 2009 and the present.

Service Record

Colin joined Sixth Fleet in 2014. His first assignment was to the USS Hyperion (NX-7438), where he played the Human/Bajoran CONN Officer Anjar Wyatt.

Fleet Roles

Dates Rank Position Assignment
2014-Present R-O1.png Player USS Hyperion


Dates Rank Name Position Assignment Status
2014-Present R-O1.png Anjar Wyatt CONN Officer USS Hyperion (NX-7438) Active PC

Commendations and Ribbons