Delta Quadrant

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The Delta Quadrant is the common designation of the "northeast" quarter of the Milky Way Galaxy, defined by a negative y-axis passing at least near the Sol System.

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Spatial Phenomena

Among countless spatial phenomena in the Delta Quadrant are:

Political States and Cultures

In the 24th century, the dominant political state in the Delta Quadrant, at least until 2378, was the Borg Collective. The Borg had assimilated a large portion of the quadrant by the 2370s, but after the destruction of Unimatrix 01 and part of the Borg transwarp network, the Collective's status is unknown.

Other notable political states include the Devore, the Hierarchy, the Hirogen, the Kazon, the Malon, the Vidiians, and the Voth.

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