Derek Stone

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Major Derek Stone
Full Name Derek Austin Stone
Alias(es) Der
Position Marine Security Officer,
USS Bismarck
Species Human - Male
Born August 24, 2357 (Age 29)
Vienna, Austria - Earth
Status Non-Player Character
Played by James Slattery
Affiliation USS Bismarck
Actor Chad Michael Murray

Major Derek Stone was a Starfleet Marine aboard the USS Bismarck. He formerly served as a Platoon Leader and Company Second-in-Command. He served as a Marine Security Officer after the Bismarck's Marine detachment was transferred off the ship.


Derek was the second child born to career marines, growing up Derek wasn't very close with his parents, but was fairly close with his older brother. His father was never big on emotional displays, which lead to Derek being a bit of a loner during his youth, but gradually became more outgoing in adulthood. However his is still a little uncomfortable in large groups.

Derek after the mission to Cardassia. (2385)

In his youth Stone proved to be a strong athlete, taking quickly to Cross Country Running, Basketball and Golf. In his final year of High School he lead his team to gold in the national and won several cross-country awards. His personnel life however was another story. He dated several girls through out high school but never seemed to have a lasting relationship.

Like many second, or in his case third, generation marines Stone was easily accepted into the academy. The Academy wasn't nearly as much of a shock to him as it was to some. His parents had raised their sons with Military precisions; in addition to his older brother being a couple years ahead of him had already experience most things. His first year was pretty simple for him, he did well in his classes and even made it onto the Academy Basketball team. He always intended to be a marine and play sports. However after his second year Stone was recruited by General Cassidy for Starfleet Intelligence. So he spent his third year in Intelligence Studies at the Betazed Campus. While he excelled here he was hesitate about some of the more, violent and underhanded tactics used by them. While there, on Cassidy's order was being trained heavily in special ops, Stone despite his abilities, returned to normal marine training for his final year, specialized in Recon. So his final year was spent back with the marines specializing in Recon.

Graduating in the top 15% of the class of 2379, Stone was assigned to the Nebula Class USS Vegra NCC-79450, the ship carried a Marine Company heavy on the specialized fields. Stone, despite his low rank, served as the Recon Team Leader, commanding a Platoon sized team of Recon Specialists. His service on the Vegra was quickly expanded to include helping the surprisingly understaffed intelligence department. In the 14 months Stone served aboard the Vegra Stone took further trained in Undercover work. At the time he didn't really understand the continuing push for him to get involved in Special Ops but followed the orders and accepted the training, which came easy to him. In 2379 the Vegra worked with members of the USS Avalon, while the ship was undergoing refit. It was here that Stone first meet then Lieutenant Shepherd and Major Davis, where the pair were Senior Advisors from the Avalon.

Captain Stone on his first tour with the Bismarck. (2384)

His time on the Vegra was rather uneventful, although he did become good friends with a number of the crew. Derek looked up to the older men the same way he did his brother, learning a lot from the two. In fact Davis was actually suppose to lead the Orion syndicate mission Stone was assigned to, but was pulled off to lead the Romulan one with Shepherd instead. He also found out about this time that his brother Lucas had had a son.

In 2380 Second Lieutenant Stone was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Classified assignment by Starfleet Special Operations. The mission involved being part of a small team, which was ordered to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate with the attempt to gain access to several high-ranking Federation members and to hopefully get extradition back to the Federation for prosecution. The mission last two years, and was reasonably successfully, while they didn't get some of their high value targets, they did manage to collect the evidence leading to the extradition and successful prosecution of more then a dozen syndicate members.

He completed the mission and was even awarded a commendation, but was glade to return to life on his new shipboard assignment the USS New York. His assignment was as the Recon Platoon Leader on the Akira Class vessel. His stint here was rather short, only lasting 9 months, but it did allow him the chance to reconnect with several important people in his life. He also found out about the death of both his older brother Lucas, and Major Davis, someone he consider a mentor and a friend.

Stone while serving aboard the USS New York. (2383)

It took him some time to work though it, including a month spent at New Ottawa Colony with his Sister-In-Law and little Austin Lucas Stone. In 2384 Stone was promoted to Captain and assigned to the USS Bismarck under Captain Alexandra Kane, he served as the 4th Platoon Commander leading the ships Recon Platoon. When he moved to the Bismarck Derek was becoming a much different person then his younger self. He was more outgoing, but at the same time was more reserve with his personnel details, taking much longer to trust people. He also talked less and less about his family, between his rather isolated childhood and the loss of his idolized and now deceased brother. Again his stint was rather short, lasting less then a year when he was contacted by Colonels Mitchell and Cohen for another Classified assignment.

During his stint on the Bismarck Stone became friends with Captain Alex Kane as well as Lieutenant Chris Python. He also became acquainted with Colonels Mitchell and Cohen and became friends with the two senior marines. Cohen and Mitchell eventually recruited Stone for a solo Special Op to the Cardassian home world. The undercover mission was a solo assignment, to the Cardassian homeworld undercover as a Cardassian. Stone departed DS19 for Cardassia Prime in November 2384 and took nearly a month to arrive, due to the many vessel changes he had to make. His mission was to make contact with a Deep Undercover Asset, Stone completed his mission but on his way out of Cardassian Space, was apprehended and made. Spending the next 2 months being brutally tortured for information a bruised and battered Stone was final able to get free and make his escape on a Cardassian shuttle.

Derek with his nephew Austin. (2384)

The shuttle was attacked and damaged to the point the Cardassian's figured he wouldn't make it out of their space. However Stone was able to make it out of their space and made contact with the USS Patriot, which was working with the Bismarck on the Lamaok Nor Mission. Stone was moved to the Bismarck for recovery, and once his recovery was complete as promoted to Major on the recommendation of Colonel's Cohen and Mitchell. Major Stone was then assigned as the Marine Detachment Second-In-Command and Training Officer onboard the USS Bismarck.

During his second tour on the Bismarck Stone tried to live a more full life, realizing how short life can be. During this time he began a relationship with the Chief Doctor Joshua Miller. The relationship had become quiet serious, so in 2386 when the Bismarck's marine unit was transfered he requested to remain on the Bismarck. Captain Shepherd was able to pull several strings and keep the Major onboard in the capacity of a marine security officer, despite being overqualified and of a higher rank then the position would normally warrant.

He maintains this position currently being very active with away teams and off ship duties. He also works to train the security forces (naval and marine alike) in marine tactics and more specialized combat training.


2375 - 2376 R-C1.pngR-C-Blank-2.png General Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Campus
2376 - 2377 G-CY2.pngG-C-Blank-2.png Marine Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Campus
2377 - 2378 G-CY3.pngG-C-Blank-2.png Intelligence Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy
Betazoid Campus
2378 - 2379 G-CY4.pngG-C-Blank-2.png Marine Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy
San Francisco Campus
2379 - 2380 G-O1.pngG-blank-2.png Reconnaissance Platoon Leader USS Vegra (NCC-79450)
Nebula Class
2380 - 2382 B-MO2.pngB-blank-2.png Detached Service to Starfleet Special Operations
Classified Mission to the Orion Syndicate
2382 - 2384 G-O2.pngG-blank-2.png Reconnaissance Platoon Leader USS New York (NCC-68995)
Akira Class
2384 - 2384 G-O3.pngG-blank-2.png 4th Platoon Leader (Reconnaissance) USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C)
Sovereign Class
2384 - 2385 B-MO4.pngB-blank-2.png Dtached Service to Starfleet Special Operations
Classified Mission to Cardassia Prime
2385 - 2386 G-O4.pngG-blank-2.png Marine Detachment Second-in-Commander and
Marine Detachment Training Officer
USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C)
Sovereign Class
2386 - Present G-O4.pngG-blank-2.png Marine Security Officer USS Bismarck (NCC-1108-C)
Sovereign Class


Known Languages

  • Federation Standard
  • German
  • Cardassian
  • Orion
  • Several colorful Klingon expressions.

Pre-Starfleet Education

  • Primary Education:
    • Karl Renner Elementary School
    • Werner Faymann Secondary School
  • Secondary Education:
    • Heinz Fischer Central High School

Starfleet Training

  • Major: Marine Studies
    • Specialization: Reconnaissance and Small Arms
  • Minor: Intelligence Studies
    • Specialization: Counter and Strategic Intelligence


  • Marital Status: Single
  • Father: Colonel Austin Michael Stone, SFMC Retired - Currently Residing in Vienna
  • Mother: Colonel Shannon Clair Wisse-Stone, SFMC Retired - Currently Residing in Vienna
  • Brother: Captain Michael Lucas Stone, SFMC - Deceased 2382
  • Sister-in-Law: Bethany Pauleta Stone (nee: White) - Civilian Currently Residing on New Ottawa Colony
  • Nephew: Austin Lucas Stone - Currently Residing on New Ottawa Colony - DOB: 2380


  • Likes: Working out, Reading, Kal-toh, Being outside.
  • Dislikes: Talking about his family, The "Darker" side of Starfleet Intelligence.
  • Strengths: Critical Thinker, Very observant, can easily blend in.
  • Weakness: Holds grudges, doesn't like to show his emotions.
  • Ambitions: See the Galaxy at peace.
  • Motto: "Non mihi, non tibi, sed nobis" - (Latin: Not for you, not for me, but for us.)
  • Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Gold, Basketball, Running, Sky-diving and Base-jumping.


Physical Appearance

  • Height: 1.9 m
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Blond
  • Hair Colour: Short and Spiky
  • Skin Tone: Caucasian

Medical Report Extract

"...Stone does have a mild heart condition, as of right now it is not very serious and should be fine as long as it remains monitored..."
Lieutenant Commander Kyle Cadmen, MD
Starfleet Academy, Earth

"...I can confirm everything in the USS Patriots CMO's report. Most of the lacerations were superficial, but there are signs that the Captain was tortured. Traces of at least a dozen poisons and there respective antidotes that are known to be used by the Obsidian Order in there more violent interrogations. Additionally he has a broken Femur and Humerus in addition to a dislocated shoulder and 2 broken ribs, all on the left side. He will require several days of recovery and some physio but should recover. He was lucky some of the poisons are known to amp up blood pressure and heart rate, not good with his preexisting condition..."
Captain Farnelic Antos, MD, SFMC
Head of Trauma Medicine - USS Bismarck NCC-1108-C

Psychological Report Extract

"...He is of sound mind, however he seems to not like large group activities and seems to be a bit of a loner..."
Commander John Tran, PhD
Counselor, Starfleet Medical

"...Derek has a lot to deal with at the moment. He returned from his first major undercover operation to find both his older brother and a close friend had died in two unrelated situations. He's taking some time off to be his Sister-In-Law and his young Nephew..."
Lieutenant Barry Black, PhD
Counselor, USS New York NCC-68995