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The mission of the Sixth Fleet Design and Development Bureau was to develop a set of standardized specifications for all classes of starship, bases, shuttles, and other equipment as deemed necessary to be utilized within Sixth Fleet. The Design and Development Bureau was also responsible for vetting and approving all specifications for new craft and other equipment.


  • Establish a set of complete specifications for every established "Star Trek" starship, starbase, outpost, and all other types of vehicles (hereafter referred to cumulatively as "vehicles").
  • Establish a set of complete specifications on all weapons, tools, appliances, and other hardware. In these instances, it is highly encouraged that Research and Design convene with other Corps and Bureaus.
  • Approve/Disapprove all designs submitted for "new" vehicles (i.e. those not explicitly established in any Star Trek television show or movie.)
  • All specifications approved by the DaDB should be thoroughly researched and thoughtfully developed to be as realistic and as close to canon as possible. Additionally, specifications should be as specific as possible, leaving no room for doubt.
  • The Design and Development Bureau has wide latitude to determine even the most specific of details related to vehicular design, including (but not limited to) the maximum amount of torpedoes carried or the output of a particular type of warp engine. However, when branching into areas such as these (that overlap with the responsibilities of other Corps or Bureaus), it is always recommended that those Corps or Bureaus be asked to approve those specific elements.
  • Because of the need to be as precise and realistic as possible, it is recommended that Design and Development personnel be very familiar with established technical manuals.

Game Location

The main offices and laboratories of the Sixth Fleet R&D are located in the Alpha Leonis Star System, at the Regula shipyards.

Regula system
The star is a Quatranary system 77.5 LY from Earth. It is a Blue main sequence star somewhat larger than SOL. The companions are: Ab a white dwarf orbiting at 0.35 AU; B is an orange dwarf smaller than SOL, and C is a red sub-dwarf. Both B&C orbit each other approx. 4,200 AU from Regulus.

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