Diplomatic Positions

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Special Services Chief (SSC)

As Department Head, the SSC handles all Diplomatic matters on the station or ship. May also act as a Federation Ambassador or as JAG if needed. The Special Services Chief reports to the XO.

Special Services Asst. Chief (SSAC)

As Asst. Department Head, the SSC is responsible for making duty schedules, ensuring all members of the department are trained, overseeing operational matters of all sections of the Special Services. May act as SSC if needed. The SSAC reports to the SSC.

Special Services Mate (SSM)

The Special Services Mate is an enlisted officer who can stand in and run the Diplomatic Department as required should the Chief Diplomatic Officer be absent for any reason. The Aide must be versed in all Diplomatic information regarding the current status of the Federation and its aligned and non aligned neighbors. Diplomatic Section heads and specialists report to DA. The SSM reports to the Special Services Chief.

Diplomatic Officer (DO)

Organizes diplomatic matters with visiting cultures, and may work as liaison officer for cultural embassies. Different DO's specialize with of one or more cultures in the subjects of history, politics, economics, military, negotiation techniques, and must be well versed on status of cultures and their current alignment to the UFP. May also act as a Federation Ambassador as needed for cultures they specialize in. The Diplomatic Officer reports to the SSAC.


The JAG officer's responsibilities are to give legal advice to any Starfleet officer as needed, conduct trials as prosecutor, defense or judge as necessary. The JAG may report to the CO, XO or others as needed.

History Specialist (D-HS)

The History Specialist is versed in all history of one or more cultures. Can be called upon to act as Diplomatic Specialist when dealing with that culture. Has close ties to the Science department's Historian, and A/A Officer. The History Specialist reports to the DO or other officer by assignment.

Records Officer (D-RO)

The Records Officer maintains records regarding legal and/or diplomatic issues from the Federation member worlds. Reports to the DO or others by assignment.

Temporal Specialist (D-TS)

Temporal specialists are unique officers. They are experts on History - specifically what happens when/if history changes as a result of a temporal incursion. TS officers are sent out to investigate any and all temporal events large and small. They are occasionally sent to correct a temporal event if needed, but they are very careful to prevent any further incursions as a result of their actions. TS officers report to Starfleet's Temporal Department Head, and to other officers as needed.

Recreation Officer (D-RR)

The Recreation Officer (also called the Morale Officer) is charged with overseeing various entertainment at Starfleet facilities, as well as organizing official receptions, parties and other functions. Reports to the SSAC or others as needed.


An Ambassador can be from any culture. He/she represents their culture to the Federation and/or Starfleet. May speak for their home culture in most matters. Reports to homeworld Governments, or to the XO or CO as needed.