Donovan Koi

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Ensign Donovan Koi
Full Name Donovan Koi
Alias(es) Donnie
Position Operations Officer
Species Bolian Male
Born 2363
Homeworld Bolarus IX
Status Player Character
Played by Chris
Affiliation USS Cambrian (NCC-74986-A)


Donovan "Donnie" Koi was born to a working class Bolarus IX family of little remark. His father an architect and enlisted by several companies in efforts to rebuild the planet's business infrastructure, Donnie lost his father due to a reported faulty design element for the First Interstellar Bank of Bolarus. Suspicion surrounded the incident with rumors of the Orion Syndicate having been involved with the family, Donnie mother departed for Earth and did not return to their homeworld.

At the age of eighteen, Donnie was selected to apply to Starfleet Academy for demonstrated academic achievement in advanced quantum mechanics and system implementations. Accepted into the Academy, Donnie blossom as a care-free instigator among popular cadets. Academically he did well in his classes, however it was assessed that Donnie failed to apply himself to any one area of his studies. Entering his sophomore year, speculation considered that Donnie would be dismissed from the university as a result of his lack of commitment to the Academy's mission.

It was during this year at the Academy that Donnie met Lila, a nursing cadet at Starfleet Academy. Academic records indicate that Mr. Koi engaged in several romantic attempts with the chaste Deltan, determined to violate her oath of celibacy while on academy grounds. During the course of this courtship, Mr. Koi was responsible for an accident that left both cadets trapped beneath San Francisco's catacombs for several days in which he was exposed to Lila's intense pheromones without medical support. Reports of the incident remain unclear by either party, however they both recorded statements in which Donovan conceded to Lila's confrontation of a wasteful life and a need for direction. Further discussion of the incident between the couple remain silent and pending charges and dismissal from the Academy were dropped due to the addition of geological instability at the site of the accident that may have contributed to the crisis.

Donovan Koi married Lila before his sophomore class shortly following.

Medical records indicate that ten months trailing the incident, Donovan became the father of a little boy named Ion.

Continuing his studies with a new family surrounding him was shown to temper and focus the young Bolian. Specializing in Gravimetric Sciences and Advanced Quantum Mechanics, Donovana dabbled for several months with engineer systems design and operational support system before graduating as an Operations Specialist assigned to Earth Spacedock. While this short tour of duty lasted for six months, the Koi family received a joint assignment to the USS Cambrian, NCC-74986.

Starfleet Service Record

2381-85 Y-C4.pngYC-blank-2.png Operations Cadet 1st Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
23 Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Operations Cadet 2nd Year Starfleet Academy Starfleet HQ
2388 Y-O1.pngY-blank-2.png Operations Officer USS Cambrian

Personal Records

General Overview: Donovan presents as a young laid back family man who has a wisdom only the father of an ever curious child will instill. Observant but certainly outspoken, Donovan errs on the side of conversation and exchange than protocol.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Donovan's greatest strength rests with his family and their proximity to his duty assignments. Passionate and a fierce protector, while great assets, can also serve as his greatest weakness. That and his addiction to Raktajino.

Ambitions: While not an overtly ambitious man, Donovan is content to serve in the roles that best fit his skills and to be a good father for his son.

Hobbies & Interests: Among some of Donovan's interest are culinary exploration and holo novellas featuring mythical/supernatural plotlines.

Linguistic Abilities: Donovan speaks fluent Bolian, Galactic Standard and a rough tongue for Klingon. Emphasis on rough.


Place of Birth - Bolarus IX
Height - 5' 10"
Weight - 170 lbs.
Eyes - Blue
Hair - None
Physical Description: Donovan is of slightly above average build with defined muscle tone that is betrayed by his outward cerulean skin tone. While unlike the appearance of the majority of the species, specific rigorous training has shaped the youthful Bolian into a lean and powerful humanoid. Donovan's facial features of comparable to those of Bolian origin, shades of blue with a pronounced cranial bisected ridge and the absence of hair follicles.

Commendations and Ribbons