Dorvan V

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Dorvan V
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Class M

The fifth planet in the Dorvan system, Dorvan V is a class M world located in the Alpha Quadrant, in the border region between Federation and Cardassian space--and expanded to be included within the Bajoran Sector.


Situated on Dorvan V, the military presence in the form of Outpost Igelstrom, has been present since the end of the war with the Dominion.

Native American settlement, Dorvan V

In 2350, a group of Native Americans from Earth settled on Dorvan V, having searched for a new home since 2070. The settlers were worried about losing their traditional culture on an increasingly globalized Earth, and this was the main reason for their quest. As a result, in the 24th century, the population still lived much like their ancestors did many centuries before.

The world was part of the Federation until 2370 when it was placed under Cardassian rule by the Federation-Cardassian Treaty. The Federation, worried about the well-being of the settlers under Cardassian jurisdiction, sent the USS Enterprise-D to try to convince them to relocate. However they chose to stay, citing a spiritual bond with the place.

During the Cardassian Occupation Years, Dorvan V was administered by Cardassians and later a mixture of Cardassian and Vorta bureaucrat, with local input at a minimum.

After the end of the Dominion War, in 2375, Starfleet took over the star system when the Bajoran Sector was expanded to include it.

Led by Commander Kyra Thrace, who became the first post-Dominion War appointed Governor, Starfleet and the Federation Diplomatic Corps reintroduced democratic government. However, by 2381, during the governorship of Commander Avery Cook, responsibility for the colony fell onto the Bajoran Sector Diplomatic Corps while Starfleet retained administration rights. Unfortunately, Bajoran authorities were more interested in concentrating on Bajor and her colonies, making Dorvan a second rate colony.

In 2385, the city of Lake Anvil was the target of terrorism. A hopper exploded as it was preparing to land. The officers and crew aboard were killed as well as many civilians in the city. Commander Avery Cook ordered Starfleet personnel to leave the crash site to civilians. The crash was a distraction for the terrorists to steal weapons and ammunition from Outpost Igelstrom. Outpost Commander Scott Donnelly was kidnapped and tortured before being released. Under immense pressure internal pressures, Avery Cook took his own life. The terrorists' base of operations was discovered and most of them captured. A few escaped.

Former SWORD-7 Special Operations Commander Ambler Furry returned to Dorvan V and tendered his resignation from Starfleet.

Bravo Company Era

In April of 2386, Bravo Company of the Sixth Fleet Marine Corps was deployed to Dorvan V, to quell the uprising of the Native Populace. Tasked with putting down a rebellion amongst a large group of Federation Citizens, the Marine Unit at last report, has been out of contact for several days, and the last report out indicates the units Commanding Officer was killed in the initial landing and fighting that followed.

Also, The status of any personnel living or stationed on the planet, cannot currently be verified due to interference with the Planetary Communications Grid.