Electro-Plasma System

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The Electro Plasma System (AKA EPS Taps) divide the energy produced by all sources into 3 usable levels.

  • Type 1. High-energy systems. - Warp Nacelles, Defense systems, Field generators, etc.
  • Type 2. Experimental devices. - Science, Engineering and Medical labs, Holodecks, etc.
  • Type 3. Low-power input applications. - Computer core and all subsystems, lights, DaDDs, etc.

Both MARA (warp) engines, and Fusion (impulse) engines feed the EPS Taps. Aboard starships, the Warp Core generally feeds the warp nacelles, and various tactical systems; the Fusion engines feed various 'departmental' needs. All can be re-assigned by the OPS officer as needed.

When both MARA and Fusion engines are down backup generators or other sources are used to maintain all ship's power usage. But if neither systems are repaired, the generators may eventually run out of energy and the ship/base can be lost.

(Information adapted from Daystrom Institute Technical Library, ST: Omnipedia, and multiple other areas)

There are 4 classes of EPS Taps.

  • Basic: The most simple energy transfer. Typically used for civilian use in homes, flitters, and shuttles.
  • Standard: The minimum class for all Starfleet vessels and facilities.
  • High: Used primarily on Cruisers, Medical ships, and other vessels in critical missions.
  • Shielded: Used only on vessels that are designed for combat such as Fighters, Battleships, Escorts, etc...
EPS Class Min. Efficiency Max. Efficiency
Basic 80% 90%
Standard 85% 95%
High 90% 98%
Shielded 95% 98%
  • TOS era ships had only basic efficiency due to structural weaknesses.
  • No vessel can achieve 100% efficiency! Maximum potential would be 98%, but it would take extensive detail work from the Engineering crew!