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Eric Robinson


He is a former Commanding Officer of the USS Lancelot.

Contact Info

  • AIM: MorriganAByrd
  • MSN:
  • Yahoo: Screech48


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R-O4.png Methirn Vath ~ CAG, USS Cambrian
R-O4.png Wraeth Nytes ~ CAG, USS Hyperion
R-O5.png Dragorn Dimytrik ~ Starfleet Intelligenge HQ
R-O5.png Indira Boques Hosmer ~ Retired (Formerly of the USS Hyperion and USS Saturn)
R-O4.png Cryptosporidium 138 ~ XO, USS Arc Angel (departed 2009)
R-O4.png Dorega ~ XO, USS Arc Angel (departed 2008, Cardassian rank of Glinn)
Y-O4.png Auron t'Vann sylthen'Vlar ~ Chief Engineer, USS Saturn-B (departed 2010)
G-O2.png Tracey Cathak ~ Marine Commander, USS Saturn-A (departed 2010)
R-E4.png Diana Roseblack ~ Captain's yeoman, USS Zealandia (service dates unknown)


OOC Positions

Former Assistant Director, 6th Fleet Design and Development Bureau


Awarded Character's name and date given where information is available.


AOD3.jpgLOH.pngLSM3.pngIntelligence Expansion Course Ribbon.jpg

Starfleet Star LT Eviess t'Rennikh, USS Hyperion, 30 July 2005

Order of Meritorious Service Eric Robinson, January 2009

Captain's Star LT Eviess t'Rennikh, USS Hyperion, 30 July 2005
Citation of Valour Glinn Dorega, USS Arc Angel, March 2008
Cross of Distinction x 2
Order of the Northern Star Auron t'Vann sylthen'Vlar, USS Saturn, August 2009

Act of Distinction x 3
Legion of Honor Glinn Dorega, USS Arc Angel, March 2008
Long Service Medal Wraeth Nytes, USS Hyperion, 3 years
Intelligence Expansion Course Ribbon