United Federation of Planets

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Federation Insignia
Name United Federation of Planets
Quadrant(s) Alpha, Beta
Members 155 Member States (estimated)
Political Capital Paris, France
Earth (Sol III)
Head of State Federation President
Legislature Federation Council
Monetary Unit Federation Credit
Primary Language Federation Standard

The United Federation of Planets is a federal republic consisting of at least 155 member states - planetary governments, colonies, and outposts - and numerous other protectorates and territories located in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The Federation operates as a representative democracy with a truncated presidential system of government, whereby the popularly elected Federation President is head of state, head of government, and presiding officer of the unicameral legislature known as the Federation Council. The Federation possesses an independent judiciary.

Founding and Philosophy

The Federation was founded on 12 August 2161 on the planet Babel by representatives of United Earth, the Confederacy of Vulcan, the Andorian Empire, the United Planets of Tellar, and the Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets, who signed the Federation Charter. The new Federation replaced the Coalition of Planets. Unlike its neighbors, the Federation did not grow by subjugating planets and populations; membership in the Federation was voluntary, and member states maintained some autonomy to govern under their own traditions. The Federation operated under the principles of universal liberty, justice, equality, to facilitate trade, exploration, scientific advancement, and to maintain peace and mutual protection.


The Federation was born from conflict and was involved in many conflicts and wars. Some of these include:

Federation Membership Levels

Member State

The Federation Member States are unified planetary governments or stellar / interstellar groups admitted to membership within the United Federation of Planets. Each Member State is allowed one representative seat on the Federation Council. Member States typically maintain diplomatic services, merchant fleets, security agencies, and other trappings of established, independent governments. While the term Member State refers to the political entities that belong the the Federation (e.g. United Earth), many people refer to them as "Member Worlds" (e.g. Earth). The terms are roughly analogous, although not all Member States are confined to a single world. Well-established colonies not within a Member State star system may eventually achieve Member State status when they are entirely self-supporting. Examples:


Federation Colonies are planetary governments chartered by Member States or by the Federation itself. Federation citizens living on colonies chartered by a Member State are considered residents of that member world for purposes of Federation elections and representation. The representation of citizens living on Federation-chartered is determined within the colonial charter. Colonies typically maintain primarily administrative and municipal governments and share laws with their charterer. They may have merchant fleets or security forces as the need presents. Colonies are typically reliant on outside support. Examples:


Protectorates are typically inhabited planets that are not Member States or colonies, but fall within Federation territory or have requested Federation protection. The Federation's primary responsibility to its protectorates is military protection; however, some warp capable societies receive limited social, technological, and/or diplomatic support, as well. Protectorates are responsible for their own internal governance. Examples:


Federation possessions are planets or other planetary bodies that belong to the Federation or to its Member States. These are typically lifeless or uninhabited planets, moons, asteroids or other stellar bodies. Possessions account for the greatest number of planets of any classification as most planets within Federation territory are not habitable. Examples:

Federation-Aligned State

Federation-Aligned State is a general term for small planetary governments and stellar / interstellar groups that do not belong to the Federation or any other major political state in any official capacity but are often allies or partners of the Federation. While these states are responsible for their own government, they often enjoy some benefits for their cooperation with the Federation. They are likely to receive aid or protection in times of need, they often negotiate favorable trade agreements with the Federation and its Member States, and some citizens of these states are allowed to join Starfleet. Examples: