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The President of the United Federation of Planets is the Head of State and Head of Government of the United Federation of Planets, as well as the presiding officer over the Federation Council and the Commander-in-Chief of Starfleet. The President is elected by popular vote for a term of four years. The Office of the President is located on Earth in the city of Paris, France, where the President and his or her Cabinet oversee the running of the Federation.

Federation Presidents

The following men and women served in the office of President of the United Federation of Planets. Humans listed were native to Earth unless otherwise noted. Other sources often have terms ending in even years and beginning in odd years. This source has them aligned in odd years, assuming the term change doesn't actually happen at midnight on New Years Day.

Term Name Notes
2161-2165 Thomas Vanderbilt
Human, Male
One source has Harmon Axelrod, Ursula Yare, and Christopher Thorpe serving prior to al-Rashid.
2165-2173 Haroun al-Rashid
Human, Male
Former United Earth Interior Minister
2173-2177 T'Maran
Vulcan, Female
First Non Human President
2177-2185 Avaranth sh'Routhress
Andorian, Shen
Former Federation Councillor for the Andorian Empire
2185-2193 Jonathan Archer
Human, Male
Former Federation Councilor representing United Earth
Former Chief of Staff, Starfleet, Former Captain of the USS Enterprise (NX-01).
2193-2197 Gralless
Tellarite, Male
2197-2201 Sardix
Vulcan, Male
2201-2205 Thortathanal
Andorian, Chan
2205-2209 Barbara Einicrox
Human, Female
2209-2213 Suessor
Vulcan, Male
2213-2217 Todahlahr
Tellarite, Male
2217-2225 Richard Morvehl
Centauran, Male
2225-2229 Janissa Kurvannis
Human, Female
2229-2233 Greshlahrigm
Tellarite, Male
2233-2241 Madza Bral
Trill, Female
First Federation President from a non-founding member state. One source has Sutorox serving at this time.
2241-2245 Paula Christenson
Human, Female
2245-2249 Samuel Solomon Qasr
Human, Male
Christened the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
2249-2253 Jacob Varis
Arcturian, Male
2253-2257 Sanara Dadari
Tiburon, Female
2257-2261 Claton Mintaine
Human, Male
2261-2269 Kenneth Wescott
Human, Male
Youngest person elected as Federation President. Signed the Organian Peace Treaty. One source has Sarboran serving from 2261-2265.
2269-2273 Lorne McLaren
Human, Male
One source has Sukio Hirashito serving at this time.
2273-2277 Thomas Oromon
Human, Male
From Izar.
2277-2281 Gregory Salamorn
Human, Male
2281-2285 Alohk Ixan
Human, Female
From Deneva. After this point, the exact dates of the next half dozen presidents fuzzy. Some of the order is different here than on Memory Beta in order to establish an exact timeline.
2285-2288 Hiram Roth
Human, Male
From Daran V. Presided over the courtmartial of Admiral James T. Kirk and crew.
Elected to a second term but died the day that the results were announced.
2288-2301 Ra-ghoratreii
Efrosian, Male
Elected to replace Hiram Roth.
Signed the Khitomer Accords.
First president to be elected to a third term.
2301-2305 Warren Quinland
Human, Male
2305-2309 Sandra Eloth
Human, Female
From Izar.
2309-2313 Adam Zagrin
Betazoid, Male
2313-2321 Gan Laikan
Centauran, Male
Former Associate Justice of the Federation Supreme Court.
Former Starfleet captain of the USS Asimov (NCC-1691).
2321-2329 Thelianaresth th'Vorothishria
Andorian, Thaan
President during first contact with the Cardassian Union.
2329-2333 James Abelmare
Human, Male
2333-2345 Hikaru Sulu
Human, Male
Former Starfleet captain of the USS Excelsior (NCC-2000).
Second president to be elected to a third term.
2345-2353 Unkown
2353-2365 T'Pragh
Vulcan, Female
Former Starfleet Admiral.
Third president to be elected to a third term.
2365-2369 Amitra
Pandrilite, Female
Served as a cabinet member under the three previous Presidents.
2369-2373 Jaresh-Inyo
Grazerite, Male
Signed the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2370.
2373-2379 Min Zife
Bolian, Male
Former Federation Councillor from Bolarus.
President during the Dominion War and resigned before the end of his second term.


Nanietta Bacco
Human, Female
From Cestus III.
Star Trek: The Fall: Elected to replace Min Zive, reelected to two full terms. She is the first president to be assassinated while in office.
STO: Elected to replace Min Zife, reelected to three full terms. First president to be elected to four terms, and longest serving president in Federation history (13 years).
The Fall was published in 2013 and covers time period approximately four years before the year most Sixth Fleet sims are set. As a consequence, some sims may be using the STO version of history instead of The Fall. The timeline is at the sim's discretion.
From 2385-2392 Kellessar zh'Tarash
Andorian, Zhen
(for those using Star Trek: The Fall timeline). From Cestus III.
Elected to replace Nanietta Bacco after her assassination in 2385.
From 2392 Aennik Okeg
Saurian, Male

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Sources and Comments

The table of Federation Presidents is based on Star Trek canon, augmented with data from modules of the FASA RPG and the Articles of the Federation novelization and other sources. This information was culled from the Presidential Timeline on Memory Beta. Due to differences between sources, dates have been adjusted to create a single continuum, and some Presidents may have been excluded or invented. The species of some Presidents have been changed from the sources to establish a less Human-centric Federation.