Finchley Kerr

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Finchley Kerr
Full Name Finchley Kerr
Position Security Officer
USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)
Species Human
Born 2364
Homeworld Mars
Status Player Character
Played by Drew Ketchen
Affiliation USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)

Finchley was transferred from the USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F) shortly after arriving due to familial reasons on Earth.


Finchley's family, back on the Mars Colony, were from the middle class. He didn't lack for anything, but at the same time, from an early age, his father Mitch said to him that he had to 'earn his keep', in other words, 'owt for nowt', you earn your crust.

Academicaly Finchley was ok, nothing special set him above the majority of children at his lower school. However, when he reached senior school, that was when his physical prowess began to come to the fore. He still had to work hard in class though, and at times he found it a real struggle to come to terms with some of the subjects, but thta was when his friends, his real friends, came to his aid and helped him through his studies.

In return, Finchley took a number of his friends through varaying routines to help them with their physique. It had been noted and encouraged by his physical education tutors that he was quite capable of setting up his own routines and getting others to jion him in doing them, so they kept their eye on him and cut him a lot of slack. As time went by, Finchley wanted to get into the more serious side of physical education and was introduced to judo and a couple of other martial arts. He enjoyed these very much as they were more demanding not only physicaly, but mentaly as well and in turn, this also helped him with his studies within class as it focused and sharpened his mind.

By the time his senior schooling had finished, Finchleys tutors had noted a marked improvement in his mental capacity for study and hard work. Physicaly, he had done extremely well, winning his house championship twice and coming third over all in his senior school championship. When asked towards the end of his senior school what he'd like to do as a job, he had no hesitation in saying that he'd like to apply to join Starfleet. He knew he had physical ability, but lacked a bit of control at times. His careers tutor had told him that in Starfleet, the most likely path for him to take if he wanted a career there, would be within the Security department, a challange that Finchley very much looked forward to trying to achieve.

He sat the entrance exam and was accepted into the Academy.


2386 - 2387 Y-C4.png Security Cadet Starfleet Academy
2387 Y-O1.png Security Officer USS Hyperion (NCC-7438-F)





TALENTS: Hand to Hand combat/Close quarter fighting
HOBBIES: Sing, read poetry, dance, amateur dramatics, play piano


SPEAK: Federation Standard


Place of Birth - New Bridgehead, Mars Colony
Eye Colour - Hazel
Hair Colour- Black
Physical Description- Physicaly fit, but not muscular, trim. Toned body from many hours of keep fit then massage.


In my opinion, Mr Kerr has settled well into his studies in the Academy. He still feels that his mental ability is lacking, but within himself, he can tell that he's making headway in this. Hard study isn't an issue, neither is retaining information, but frsustration when not understanding a problem to be sorted can see him get annoyed with himself. We spoke about this a little while ago and I suggested talking to some of his Vulcan friends, of which he has a few, to see if they could suggest breathing techniques that could help him concentrate more, and this has seems to have helped him.

I've noted also that Mr Kerr has a rather keen habit of helping friends with their physical studies. He takes great delight helping those around him work on routines that keep them in trim, and this has the added effect that his friends will bring other friends along to see if he can help them, and he then strikes up a friendship with the newcomers, thus growing his circle of friends. He has a more easy going attitude when doing physical studies, and we are looking to extend that into his 'in class' study time as well.

There is no doubt that by increasing his circle of friends, and by them all helping one another in whatever is needed, Mr Kerr has laid the foundation of many long term friendships. Trust is NOT in short supply beteen them all, and to use an old idium, when you see Mr Kerr with his friends, you could almost be forgiven for thinking you can hear them say "All for one and one for all!", THAT is the sort of trust and friendships they are building, and Mr Kerr is building friendships for life.

Counsellor Robert Jones for Starfleet Counselling services, Starfleet Academy.