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Along with known Star Trek Canon elements (I.E. all TV series and movies), Sixth Fleet also follows Fleet Canon which encompass specific elements and events such as an official timeline, approved vessel classes, and technology, and other issues.

Fleet Canon Approval Process

TRIVIAL - Tacit approval barring errors.

  • Most department-specific terminology. Corps & Bureau chiefs can add entries and make corrections to Memory Zeta entries as needed and give a notice message to the DCR Group. It can be taken as implied consent unless there is any obvious error.
  • Minor additions to Timeline (birth dates for characters, known 'canon' events, etc...)

MINOR - Short review, no vote needed unless objections.

  • Uniform Styles. As long as the specific color schemes are used based on Era, specific style can vary somewhat from the known Canon (inclusion of vests, jackets, piping, etc...)
  • Security Code terminology. I.E. what 'level of access' is granted for a A-1 rating (and so on etc..), each sim likely uses their own terms to define it, and it has little effect outside the sim unless they do a Joint Mission.
  • Minor Timeline additions from semi-canon or simulation sources (novels, Simulation mission events, etc...)

MODERATE - Full review, vote may or may not be held based on subject.

  • Phaser Types / Settings. There are specific models of phaser, and each type is limited in it's power output. A palm type obviously can't have the same impact that a rifle would.
  • Internal layout of vessels. Aside from having the Bridge at 'deck 1', most of the rest is organized by logical arrangement.
  • Specifications. The DaDB is the primary discussion panel for Specifications. Each ship proposal will list the maximum for each upgrade item. Sim CO's are free to reduce the upgrades, but cannot exceed it (I.E. number of phasers or type could be reduced, but not increased beyond the listed without approval).
  • Timeline additions which could conflict with existing Fleet Canon, or known events (I.E. specific date that Bajor joins the UFP etc...)

MAJOR - Full review, vote held

  • Base / Vessel Classes. Given the huge number of fan-created (I.E "Kitbash") classes in existence, the DCR will need to grant approval for allowing a non-standard class. The DaDB will be the primary research group for designs, and should weed-out any proposals which are redundant or illogical.
  • Timeline additions which DO conflict with known Canon (I.E. having the Enterprise destroyed before/after known date).

Fleet Canon Hierarchy

  • Level 5 - Fleet Canon - Any information not included above which has been approved by the DCR. Including new technology, vessel designs, vessel registration numbers, and timeline events. The DCR also resolves any conflict between lower levels of canon.

Bar-canon 5.gif

  • Level 4 - Original Canon - Any information that has been introduced in the television series and movies (TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, and to some extent ENT). Where items conflict, the DCR will decide which takes precedence.

Bar-canon 4.gif

  • Level 3 - Inferred/Backstage Canon - Information that can be inferred based on creator / writer / director / cast / crew comments, as well as backstage information such as scripts. Some novels and technical manuals are also included on a case-by-case basis.

Bar-canon 3.gif

  • Level 2 - Semi-Fleet Canon - Any information that more than one simulation have included in their games. Including Starbases, NPC Admiralty, or new alien species that are used by more than one simulation. These items are collaborative efforts by at least two simulations of players.

Bar-canon 2.gif

  • Level 1 - Simulation Canon - Any non-standard information that a simulation has included in their games. If it cannot be specifically overruled by higher level canon, then it can stand.

Bar-canon 1.gif

  • Level 0 - Individual/Implied Canon - Any information developed by a single person (or team) in writing for any simulation. If it cannot be overruled by higher level canon, then it can stand. ( I.E.: A character states he served aboard a starship called "USS Doohickey". Unless a Canon Level above 0 states that no such vessel can exist, it does).

Bar-canon 0.gif

Approved Fleet Canon Items