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Sixth Fleet Corps and Bureaus:

All fleet Corps and Bureaus are overseen by the Department of Creative Resources. This is a partial list of possible Corps and Bureaus. Vacant positions will be granted as needed. Contact Kreg Asay to inquire about a vacant position, or contact the listed Director for questions about that Corps/Bureau.

Aerospace Corps (Aero)

  • Director Title: Aerospace Chief
  • Current Director: Vacant
  • Scope: Astrogation, CONN, Flight Control, Fleet Air Group, Pilots

Design and Development Bureau (DaDB)

Scope: Research, Design and Development

Diplomatic Corps (Diplo)

  • Director Title: Chief Ambassador
  • Current Director: Vacant
  • Scope: Diplomacy, Cultural Relations, Judge Advocate General

Intelligence Bureau (Intel)

  • Director Title: Intelligence Director
  • Current Director: Vacant
  • Scope: Intelligence, Threats, Galactic Affairs

Strategic Security Corps (SSC)

  • Director Title: Strategic Commander
  • Current Director: Commander Roy Conklin
  • Scope: Security, Tactical

Sixth Fleet Marine Corps (SFMC)

  • Director Title: Commandant
  • Current Director: Vacant
  • Scope: Infantry, Marine Air Division

Science Bureau (Sci)

  • Director Title: Chief Scientist
  • Current Director: Vacant
  • Scope: Natural Sciences, Theoretical Sciences, Applied Sciences

Medical Corps (Med)

  • Director Title: Surgeon General
  • Current Director: Vacant
  • Scope: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology, Cybernetics

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